scalp hair treatment in Park Slope

In order for our hair to be healthy, soft and silky, we pay a lot of attention to it spending time on grooming, styling, haircuts and professional procedures. However, often we forget about the scalp, which also requires a special treatment, because its condition affects the hair health.

There are various products for the scalp care: some are intended for aesthetic care, others are for solving certain problems (dandruff, itching, scalp sensitivity). Such cosmetics can be used 1-2 times a week.

The fight for the hair health must begin with the scalp treatment, Brooklyn Barbers know on the condition of which the beauty of the strands completely depends. A special arsenal of tools solves a number of problems.

Dandruff and peeling of the scalp “give” its owner not only aesthetic problems, but also practical difficulties. Against the background of dandruff, peeling, itching can occur, and its chronic form can lead to hair loss.

For the treatment of peeling and dandruff, preparations with exfoliating and antifungal effects are used, since one of the dandruff causes is an increase in the amount of Pityrosporum ovale against the background of increased oily skin. Therefore, to get rid of this problem, pay attention to drugs with a pronounced antifungal effect, usually ketoconazole, klimbazol, zinc pyrithione can be found in their composition.

Another reason for the occurrence of dandruff – excessive sebum (increased oiliness) and thickening of the stratum corneum – is affected by ingredients such as tar and selenium disulfide. And to get rid of peeling, pay attention to products that have an exfoliating, anti-inflammatory effect, usually they contain salicylic acid. The combination of components may vary: some may contain the entire spectrum at once, others only a part. That is why do not delay and try to solve the hair and scalp problems right now


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