Dave Draper Bomber Blend Protein Review

Draper Bomber Protein is a perfect mixture of casein and whey proteins that ensures ultimate effects of the proteins on the muscles. It provides the right amino acids for muscle building and workout energy.

The Dave Draper Bomber Blend Protein, which was formulated on what bodybuilder Dave Draper learned from Rheo H. Blair, is mixable with anything, whether it be water, milk, foods or anything. Bomber protein also has greatly improved anti-oxidants that repel any cellular damage. These immunity fortifiers are boosted along with multi-vitamins that provide an optimum healthy lifestyle.


Bomber Whey Protein is typically easier to digest and also provides very great nutrition to the body. It is a complete protein as it has all the important amino acids that contribute into building of hormones, anti-bodies, bones, and strong muscles.

Dave Draper’s Whey Protein improves the process of workout  recovery. A drink with Dave Draper Bomber Blend protein is rich in nutrients that will result into quick muscle repair and better stamina building.

The price of this protein blend is $36 for a one protein container and $30 each for 6 bottles. This is pretty reasonable compared to other blends in the market. It has 20 servings from the 1 kilo of jug.  It can be found is almost any workout supplements catalog.

It is a great supplement as it mixes really well with water and milk. It comes in vanilla and chocolate. It tastes even better with the chocolate shakes for the chocolate lovers..

It is really easy to mix as it does not require any blender. Bottle shaking would easily get it all mixed up in either water or milk.

There are a lot of great reviews about Bomber Blend on the internet, consumers simply love it as it provides satisfaction for money and quality factors. Not a lot of products are worth the price and quality, but Bomber Blends does the job perfectly.


Although Bomber Bland Protein is full of good stuff, however in the end it is still a processed product. Whey is obtained after cheese processing. The process for retrieval of protein usually omits the carbohydrates and fat which makes proteins less effective. For this reason many people avoid buying processed proteins.

Most proteins powders are mixed up with colors, extra flavors, and unwanted extra sugar or sweeteners. These all might be neglected but in the long run these ingredients effect the overall health of the consumer. The simple sugar free or flavor free protein would taste like milk, however, most consumers prefer a tasty protein rather than the regular. The regular plain protein can be used with shakes and juices and that would be a better option of taste change.

Consumers usually overdose on the protein powders, because they think the process of muscle building will speed up even more. However, it does not work like that. It takes time and proper schedule and proper diet. It is advised not to even use the proteins when a person does not do any work out. Every person needs different intake of the proteins so it is best to consult a doctor or personal trainer before buying.

Bomber Blend Protein are useless for those who are allergic to milk protein. A lot of consumers are allergic to lactose which is found in milk proteins. There are several products available in the market with no lactose.


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