What Is the Meaning of the Term “Dope Sick”?

While working with someone who is dealing with addiction, you’re bound to run across terms you’ve never heard before. Trying to grasp what your loved one is going through is more challenging if you don’t speak the same language as them. Many individuals have never heard of the term “dope unwell,” for example.

Does anybody know what it means to be “dope sick?”

Opiate withdrawal symptoms are referred to as “dope unwell” by the slang term. Detoxing from opioid pain medicines like hydrocodone or oxycodone is more likely to cause dope addiction symptoms like these. However, some people also use this word to describe heroin withdrawal symptoms.

When someone has been misusing opiates for a long period of time, they are more likely to develop withdrawal symptoms. The opposite is true when it comes to opiate addiction, which may set in after only one use of a drug like heroin. Opioid dependence makes it tough for people to stop using drugs.

What Is the Symptoms of Opiate Withdrawal?

  • One of the most common descriptions of opiate withdrawal is “the worst thing that ever happened to me.” There are sometimes such severe adverse effects that people would use drugs in order to avoid the treatment altogether. However, most people report that the symptoms are similar to those of a severe influenza virus infection.
  • Many people are frightened that opiate withdrawal might lead to death because of the severity of the side effects. Although it’s rare, the good news is that it’s seldom fatal.
  • Getting over opiate withdrawal requires first understanding what it feels like to be in the opiate withdrawal state.
  • The length of time people have been taking opiates has a significant impact on how long it takes them to detox. Withdrawal symptoms tend to last longer in those who have been misusing opiates for a longer length of time. The procedure’s usual runtime may be gleaned from a basic timeline.


Patients usually begin to experience symptoms during the first 24 hours after their last opiate dose has been administered. Within 72 hours, the bad effects begin to escalate, and they generally peak within that time frame. From that point on, they gradually fade away. People who stop using opiates may have mild to severe withdrawal symptoms for many weeks.