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The course of yoga for pregnant women is divided into 4 stages !

Pregnancy is a special stage in a woman’s life, when pleasant expectations of motherhood are accompanied by physical discomfort and unpredictable emotions. Instability of the organism’s processes can be confusing, and in some cases even frightening. How to prepare for procreation in order to pass this nine-month path easily? What do you need to do to feel confident?

Experts recommend doing yoga. Comprehensive ancient Indian psychophysical practice leads the muscles into a tonus, and the emotional state is in order. During pregnancy, the need for this increases many times, so women “in the position” should think about doing yoga and insert them into their daily schedule.

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Yoga for pregnant women is an adaptive course of traditional yoga for parturient women at different periods of pregnancy. In the classroom, women perform a range of breathing exercises, as well as asanas – special postures aimed at preparing the body for childbirth. Here, women learn to feel their body, overcome anxiety, relieve tension and relax.

Proper breathing is the basis of oxygenation of the fetus, the basis of its healthy development, therefore, yoga for pregnant women pays special attention to breathing techniques. This skill also saves at a critical hour – helps future mothers cope with the excitement and easier to endure labor and labor.

Classes are held under the strict guidance of a highly qualified specialist in yoga. The instructor makes up the program and regulates the load taking into account the pregnancy period of the engaged and their level of physical fitness. It provides for all possible risks and excludes the performance of dangerous exercises and postures that can cause harm to the health of the mother and her future child.

On yoga for pregnant women – with the permission of the doctor

If a woman “in position” conceals from the instructor information about the doctor’s prohibition to attend classes due to her unstable health status, the threat of miscarriage or miscarriage in previous attempts to conceive, early toxicosis with weight loss, bleeding and such symptoms, she can cause unpleasant consequences and only to harm yourself and the fetus. Therefore, before you start yoga, you should consult your doctor and get his permission.


You can start practicing yoga practically at any time of pregnancy. You will be assigned to the group depending on the trimester of fetal development. The course of yoga for pregnant women is divided into 4 stages:

  • I trimester – up to 12 weeks;
  • II trimester – from 13 to 24 weeks;
  • III trimester – from 25 to 36 weeks;
  • postnatal period – after the birth of the child.


Fetal formation period. During this period of pregnancy, a woman is persecuted with toxicosis, sudden pains in the abdominal area, fatigue, drowsiness, mood swings. Therefore, the instructor includes in the classes available and safe asanas, makes emphasis on breathing exercises. They will adjust to a positive mood, help stabilize the general condition of the body and realize its changes associated with the expected childbearing.

If you are not engaged in yoga before giving birth, the program manager can postpone your studies until the second trimester, when pregnancy becomes more habitual and the fetal organs form and grow stronger. Do not be discouraged – spend this time in a relaxed atmosphere, relax more and walk in the fresh air.


13-24 weeks is a period of necessary activity for a future mother, when the condition of pregnancy becomes habitual, and pain and malaise disappear. At this time in the exercises perform exercises using a special roller. More energetic techniques are used than in the first trimester. Future mothers learn to own their body and make contact with the future baby.

To get the maximum effect, you need to practice systematically and enjoy the process.


Time for intensive preparation for childbirth. The volume of the abdomen does not allow you to perform some asanas of the past trimester, therefore yoga in the third trimester is aimed at general relaxation and training of the genital respiration.


The first 40 days after the birth of a child, a woman can not be engaged. Deep inclines and deflections back are forbidden. At this stage, the body is actively recovering and requires more rest and sleep. At this time it is important to spend a lot of time with the child, get used to another condition. You can return to yoga after one and a half months – gradually introduce asanas in the sitting and standing position, increase the duration of the lessons from 20 minutes to 1 hour.

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