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Have you heard of yoga plenty of times but have no clue what that is or how to start it? Do you want to know every bit of information about yoga? What if you can workout your mind and body doing only one orkout? Do you struggle with flexibility and stress?

If so, this article is written for you. You will find in here all you need to get your yoga workout the right way. You will also get to know some of the best benefits of this amazing and magical yoga.

Before diving deep into the meaty and greasy of what this article will bring about, let’s first do a little tour around the most important sections of the article:

What Is Yoga?

What Is Yoga?

Look! Don’t look at me like that! I know some of you know, but there folks out there who are new to the yoga world and are clueless about what yoga is!

So, let’s go into it and see what yoga really is:

yoga is one of the most ancient forms of exercise that focus not only on the body, but also on the soul and mind.

It was first seen light about 5000 years ago in india. Since then, yoga has become a trend. Almost any well being center in the whole world has a place for yoga nowadays.

But what makes yoga so popular to that extent, you may ask?

There is so much to this question than a single article could ever cover, but there is one sure thing that makes of yoga the best of its kind.

yoga creates a harmony between the body and the mind. This harmony is achieved throught certain combinations of exercises or what’s called in the yugi’s language poses. Thes erae combined with certain breathing techniques to give the body, mind and soul a workout I doubt any other would give.

yoga then focuses on three major things to get this mind body connection, namely flexibilty and strength along with breathing.

Bottom line. yoga doesn’t focuses on the full well being of both, the body and mind.

This is great, right? I can see you bubbling with excitement!

The Best yoga Benefits:

The Best Yoga Benefits

Let’s see what some of the benefits yoga can provide you with:

If this is something you want to get to, please read on.

As I mentioned earlier, yoga doesn’t focus only on the body but also on the mind. So, if you allow me, I’d like to split this section of benefits of yoga into two major parts.

We will cover both, the physical and mental benefits of yoga.

Let’s have a look at some of the top best physical benefits of yoga:

1. Have chronic pain? Get yourself into yoga:

yoga is the best chemical free medication for chronic pain. Thanks to the breathing techniques yoga incorporates with the poses, you literally get rid of chronic pain so parts of your body. If you suffer from back pain,carpal tunnel syndrome, headache, and arthritis, Dr. Nevins says that yoga help you get rid of those as well as lower your blood pressure.

2 .Yoga Helps You Be More Flexible

One of the main components sof yoga is getting you to be as flexible as a monkey. Flexibiliy is really critical to your health , s the mor zyou age the less your body becomes less flexible, causing you pain in almost every part of your body.

Doing yoga poses the right choice to get back your flexibility and force your body to be as young as a child’s!

3. Yoga Helps You Build Muscles:

This is one thing that I love in yoga. You dont have to be just musclualr or only flexible. In fact, yoga adherers are both flexible and muscular. Being muscular has way more benefits than just looking catchy in a T-shirt your bikini.

Having strong muscles will make you never live the nightmare of back pain and arthritis. The trap many people fall to is going to the gym and building strong muscles without giving a little time to get their flexibility going too. They then have strong muscles but poor flexibily and posture.

4. Yoga Boosts Immunity:

Another benefits to yoga is really in getting your lymphatic system to properly function. The lyphatic system is really great in fighting cacerous cells, getting rid of toxins and alot more.

By doing yoga poses, or any kind of strectching excercising you activate your lympatic syetm to produce a likuide that’s called lymph.

This is the number one likuid your immune system needs to function like crazy and fight everything that’s trying to invade your territory.

5. Yoga Lowers The Blood Sugar

Folks with diabetes, where are you guy! I have some good news for you. If you don’t want to do yoga for all the reasons listed above, this one I am sure you will be convinced by.

Guess what you can lower your blood sugar without any medications or injections. Yes! That’s a no fairytale. That’s the truth.

yoga can help you lower not only your blood sugar, but also your LDL. That’s the bad cholesterol. Wait ! There is more. This is just the first one. It also boosts the other good cholesterol, HDL.

How does a simple series of excercises do that?

In three ways, yoga helps you lower your blood sugar, up the HDL and decrease the LDL. One is through lowering the stress hormone, or what’s known as the cortisol. The second way is by ridding the body of extra fat, Weight Loss. The third way is by giving your insulin sensitivity a hit and improving it.

These are some of the physical benefits of yoga, let’s have a look at some other of its benefits, but this time mental benefits.

6. Helps Your Mind Be More At Peace

We live in a fast world. A world where a small pause here and there is almost impossible. Taking time to relax and pause your thoughts is very critical to maintaining a healthy mind.

If you don’t have time for meditation, there is another form of activity that slows down your thoughts and brings you to the present moment. yoga! That’s one of the most effective ways to get your thoughts toghether in harmony.

7. Stress Free Mind:

Another way yoga can improve your mental health is through relation. Relaxation is really critical for your mind to be alert and focused. When your mind is free of stress, everything else in your body functions pretty well.

8. Your Nervous System Is At Your Mercy:

This one needs some advanced practice to get it right. But if you can do it, it is a big plus. yoga can help you control your nervous system and alter so many functions of your body. There are yogis who can change their body temperature, slow or rasie their heart beat and many more things.

And now that you hopefully have a clearer idea about yoga, let’s have a look at some of the best yoga poses:

Top 10 Best Yoga Poses:

1. Child’s Pose:

Photo credited to:

If you want to give both your spine along with hips a good and a comfortable stretch, go for this exercise. The child’s pose is mainly used to give your body sometime to rest and relax before taking in another stretch.

What the child’s pose does is that it stretches many muscles at a time, namely the thighs, ankles, hips, shoulders, lower back and of course the spine.

A little warning here. Don’t do this yoga pose if you you suffer from either knee or ankle problems. And if you are pregnant, just skip this pose. It is not for you.



Photo credited to:

This one pose is really common not only in yoga but I am sure you already did many times if you have abs to deal with. This pose works both the abs and stretches not only the entire core but also the legs, the shoulders, and the arms.


Photo credited to:

This is my favourite, not because I love snakes. In fact, I just hate them. But this pause is something different. I love it because it targets so many muscles and parts of your body all at once. The abs, the back, the chest and the spine; all at once are given a good stretche.
Try this pose if you want to mainly get your back muscles so strong.


Photo credited to:

If you suffer from back pain, this is the perfect stretch to get your back to feel cool again. In addition to the back pain relief, this pose is very critical for the feet, the hamstrings and the arms.

Please for your safety, don’t do this excercise if you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome.



Photo credited to:

Beyond helping you improve your balance, it can also strengthen your core, ankles, calves, thighs and spine.

This is the best pose for balance. It is a little hard to get at once. But if you insit you get it right. You will then benefits from the perfect balance it will give your body.

If you are a little overweight, you will find it hard at first. Don’t give up on it. Balance is great. So it deserves a few attempts to get it right.


Photo credited to:

This twist is all you need to get your hips, chest and shoulders a good stretch. In fact, if you so much suffer from pain in your back, please go for this pose. You will see the difference the moment you try it out. Don’t go for this excercise if you suffer.


Photo credited to:

I wanted to put this as the last stretch you go through once you finish all the others, but you can do it even if you do it alone. It is a great way to get your mind to cease thinking, get your body to relax and send every cell of your body into a deep meditative state of mind.


Photo credited to:

If you can’t do skuats for legs, do this one it has lmost the same effects. But this pose doesn’t focus on legs only. it s effect goes beyond legs alone. You can also stretch your shoulders, spine, hips, and chest. You can also use it as an aid for mobility, especially in the neck nd hips.



Photo credited to:

This one is a must to do for anyone who is all day everyday sitting. It is a great way to stretch the neck, the chest, and the back. You can also use it as a good workout for your hamstrings.


Photo credited to:

This pose is better performed right after the plank stretch. This is what’s called in yoga the sun salutation. This pose does much good for your arms, abs and the wrists. Skip this exercise if you are pregnant, have some lower back issues and or you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome.

These 10 yoga poses are credited to nytimes


yoga is very much a must than something you do for complementary reasons. Your body is in need of flexibility as much as it is in need of air.

And there is no other type of exercise that can get you the flexibility yoga can provide you with. Don’t fall in the trap of focusing on your muscles and forgetting your flexibility.

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