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What is paleo-diet?

Diet is not always an exhausting starvation or strict limitation of yourself in almost all foods, except 1% ​​of kefir.

Diet is not always an exhausting starvation or strict limitation of yourself in almost all foods, except 1% ​​of kefir.

Diet is a ration formed in this way, in which the body receives the maximum amount of nutrients and vitamins without harm to the figure. Such diets includepaleo-diet. Paleo-diet is a diet of balanced nutrition, in which without stress for the body and fasting can effectively get rid of excess weight.

The idea of ​​paleo-nutrition is to stick to the diet only from simple, affordable products. In the Paleolithic era, man’s ancestors procured food by hunting and collecting plant food. At the same time they had excellent physical health, differed in strength and endurance and did not suffer from excess weight. It is the simplified diet of our ancestors that formed the basis paleo-diet.

The main principles of nutrition of this diet are:

  • in the complete elimination of fast carbohydrates and reduced intake of carbohydrates in general;
  • refusal of refined products;
  • in the use of simple products that would be accessible to a primitive person, without the feeling of overeating after a meal;
  • in the addiction of the body to the fact that food takes place only when there is a strong sense of hunger.

The daily menu should include natural food, not processed, not frozen, not greenhouse, not canned. Fresh products, cooked practically without spices and seasonings for steaming or in the oven. Transfiguration of the body and the body will not keep you waiting, if the diet will consist of lean protein foods (lean meat, poultry, fish), fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, mushrooms, herbs, roots and berries.

The paleo-diet is distinguished by its high caloric content. This ensures the preservation of the result of the diet for a long time. The body will get a healthy balanced diet without counting calories and starvation. Only the excesses in the menu will have to be abolished.

This diet is suitable for those who are actively involved in sports and who need to consume more calories to maintain the body’s strength, as well as protein for weight gain and recovery after training. If you decide to go to the paleo-diet, then you need to do this gradually. Start by removing carbohydrates and semi-finished foods from the diet. After that, eliminate the dairy products, legumes and fatty grades of meat, poultry, fish.

In the paleo-diet can also include a protein cocktail Formula 1 Herbalife. A drink prepared on the water contains only 95 kcal and enough protein to keep the appetite under control. You can prepare a cocktail with the addition of fruits and vegetables to taste.

If you are determined to change your life and body, to switch to a balanced diet and an active lifestyle, then Herbalife products will perfectly complement your diet.

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