WB (Wall Ball)

WB (Wall Ball)

Warm up:
  • 30 JJ
  • 20 Russian macho braves
  • 10 Thrust weights to the chin
  EMOM 12 minutes:
  • 5 BMU
  • 5 FS (70%)
  • 100 WB
  • 30 DU (at the beginning of every minute)

The terms of the day’s training

  • JJ (Jumping Jack) – When doing this exercise, you need to jump in the jump wider than your shoulders and, at the same time, clap your hands over your head. JJ is an excellent aerobic exercise for awakening your body and its preparation for training.
  • EMOM (Every Min Of the Min) – Exercise at the beginning of every minute
  • BMU (Bar Muscle Up) – power outputs on the horizontal bar
  • FS (Front Squat) – front squats / sit-ups with a barbell on the chest
  • WOD (Workout of the day) – complex of the day, task of the day
  • WB (Wall Ball) – throws a medical ball at a height of 2.5 – 3 meters in the wall
  • DU (Double Unders) – double jumping rope

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