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Rounded buttocks – a pledge of a beautiful and healthy body. Gluteal muscles ensure the stability of the lumbar spine and are responsible for the correct posture

Do you feel pain in your lower back when you spend a lot of time at the computer? After a long break, do you find it difficult to practice sports? If the answer is positive, most likely you have poorly developed gluteal muscles and a press.

Rounded buttocks – a pledge of a beautiful and healthy body. Gluteal muscles ensure the stability of the lumbar spine and are responsible for the correct posture. Do you want to have an easy gait and be graceful? Regularly perform exercises for the buttocks and thighs.

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In the exercise of the buttocks to a greater or lesser extent, 4 main muscle links take part – the two front and the two rear. The first include abdominal muscles, hip flexor muscles and quadriceps. The second – the muscles of the waist, buttocks and hamstrings. All 4 links must be in harmony with each other, otherwise your back will become tired.

We represent the training complex for the buttocks on the simulators. It will help to work through all the muscle links and prepare them for more serious stresses. Exercises with own weight will bring the maximum result for the minimum time.

Exercises on the buttocks for the gym


The starting position is lying on the stomach. Fix the lower leg under the roller. Place the feet parallel to each other on the width of the hips. Pull the toe on yourself. In the starting position, bend your knees slightly. Do not tear your hips from the bench and prevent the trough in the lumbar spine, bend your knees so that your heels practically reach the buttocks. Perform the exercise smoothly, do not make sharp and inertial motions.


Arrange in the simulator so that the persistent surface of the bench ends under the hip joints. Slightly bend the knees, remove the scapula and a little bend the lower back. Lean forward, keeping your back in this position until it starts to round. Then smoothly return to the starting position.

If the height of the bench is selected correctly, you will feel a strain in the buttocks and the back of the thigh. If the loin is stronger, then the position of the stop is too high. However, even in this position, the muscles of the buttocks are included in the work and take on the main load.


Lie down on the floor and bend your legs to the right angle between the thigh and the lower leg. Put your hands down along the body with your hands. Straighten and lift up one leg, try not to separate your knees. Raise the pelvis, leaning with the shoulders and the foot of the bent leg. Lock the position at the top point, and then return to the original position. Try not to lie down completely, but only lightly touch the floor with your buttocks. Exercise should be performed in turn for each leg.

When you do the basic complex on the simulators, go to a technically complex, but more effective block with a barbell and dumbbells – deadlift. Exercise involves different muscle groups and joints, works through the back muscle link and can be performed in several ways. Fitness instructors distinguish stand cravings on one leg, as well as classical, Romanian and dead species.


Before starting the exercises, perform an intensive warm-up and warm up the muscles and joints well.


Exercise is performed with the barbell. Gently place the instrument on the floor and fix underneath your foot on the width of the pelvis. Scutellum should touch the neck, and the socks should be slightly deployed to the sides. Adjust your breathing. Remember: you breathe in, when you go down, but exhale when you rise. This principle applies to all techniques of deadlift.

We pass to the main thing – slightly bend your knees and lean your back straight to the bar. Grasp the bar with a wide grip and focus your eyes at one point. In this position, start to straighten, while simultaneously bending the body and knees. At the top, take a short pause and smoothly lower the bar to the floor. Repeat the exercise.


It is technically possible to correctly carry out the Romanian draft cravings not only with the barbell, but also with dumbbells. The second option implies a natural trajectory of movements and is especially suitable for beginners in fitness.

Prepare the shell with which you will work. Dilute your legs to the width of your shoulders. Straighten your back, gently bend it in the lumbar region and pull back the pelvis. Keep a natural fold in the knee joint. This position of the feet will increase the amplitude of the movement and allow you to perform the exercise with a straight back.

Romanian traction requires sliding the neck along the legs when lowering the barbell or dumbbells. Pause at the bottom point and feel the stretching of the muscles of the back of the thigh. When lifting the projectile, unbend the body with the muscles of the buttocks, not the back. At the upper point, you should strain the muscles of the buttocks as much as possible. You will feel a burning sensation if you do the right thing.


Exercise for trained athletes with a good stretch. A special feature of dead deadlift is the work with a projectile on straight legs. It is forbidden to bend your knees when you go up and down with the barbell. Deadlift is an effective way of training the gluteal muscles.

Stand in the starting position of the classic deadlift. Put your feet already shoulder widths and unfold the socks to the sides. Fix the view at one point and remove the scapula. Roll your back and push the pelvis back. Keep your legs straight. Gradually lower the projectile down to the middle of each foot. Pull the muscles of the waist and stretch the back of the thigh. Pull the blades each time you return to the starting point.

As a rule, beginning athletes go down with a barbell not below the knees. Develop flexibility, then you will be able to reach the floor.


Try to make a deadlift on one leg. Exercise improves coordination, works through the hamstrings and maximally loads the gluteal muscles. Take a wide grip bar of the barbell or dumbbell and straighten up. A little bend the back in the waist and in this position, lean forward. Do not forget to fix the view at one point.

When tilting one leg, slightly bend at the knee, and the other – gradually as you lower the body, gradually pull back. Do not forget to breathe properly.


Experienced athletes are aware of the benefits of deadlift and perform this exercise regularly. It has a complex effect on the body: it strengthens the back and legs, and also develops the calves and muscles of the buttocks.

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