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Top Notch Weight Loss Secrets Of 10 Celebrities Finally Revealed!

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Celebrities, TV stars, actors and actresses! Those are the people we look up to most often and try our best to copy and look like them!

In almost every aspect of our lives, those are the people we take as our idols. Those are the people we try so hard to be like. And weight loss is one of the many aspect we look up at those celebrities for inspiration, tips and tricks.

Look! I know you don’t have the time to go from one website to have a look at that start what his or her diet looks like and move to another. Your time is much valuable than to spend it on that.

And to save you time, effort and a lot of sweat, I amassed in the lines to come top  10 celebrities with their awesome diets, exercise routine and health tips to help you finally shed those extra pounds around your waist.

But before, I think you don’t mind a small overview of the article! Don’t you?

Here are the stars we will cover here:

1. Ashley Graham Weight Loss Secrets:

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I love Ashley’s approach to health and fitness. She is against all those starve-yourself-and-sweat-hard approaches to weight loss.Ashley Graham weight loss. philosophy is way different that all of that. Hers is “never say never”. She admits that she tries everything. Here are some weight loss. tips from her:

1. Embrace Your Body

In her talks, she always puts a great emphasis on body image and how the new beauty and style trends have made women so obsessed about their weight loss. that some of them live a life of hell just to look as society wants! So, for her, the very first thing is to embrace the curves! That’s sexy, after all! Don’t you think?

2. Make Healthy Choices Throughout The Day:

Breakfast for her is no breakfast if she doesn’t gulp in a good smoothie, especially green smoothies. For lunch, she eats vegetables, quinoa, tahini, and brown rice. All in a big bowl! As for dinner, her regimen focuses more on sweet potatoes, baked salmon and arugula salad.

3. Be Always Active:

One of her favourite sports is kickboxing! But you don’t have to do kickboxing if you don’t enjoy it. You can do anything, as long as you sweat and enjoy it! Finding that something you love, you will never feel like hating the gym again.

2. Adele Weight Loss Secrets:

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Adele is one of those few celebrities who look gorgeous even if they are overweight. Recently, Adele decided to take her health and weight more seriously. Here are some golden weight loss. tips from Adele:

1. Get Rid Of Everything Junky:

The first Adel started with to see those results was ditching alcohol, tea with sugar and junk food out of her diet.

2. Follow The SirtFood Diet:

Adele jumped into a new diet plan that made a hit in the UK back in the late 2016. The name comes from the focus of the diet on getting foods with a high amount of sirtuin protein. This helps activate some of the genetic pathways that are shown to speed the burning of calories. Glen Matten and Aidan Goggins published a book that made a hit in the world of nutrition under the name of “The Sirtfood Diet” . According to the authors of the book, the diet is divided mainly into two phases. Phase one consists of seven days. For the first four days, the focus is mainly on eating no more than 100 calories a day by drinking three green juices and only one meal that’s rich in sirtuins. From the fourth day to the seventh day, you then have the right to up your calorie intake to 1500 calories from two green juices and two meals rich in sirtuin protein. And there comes phase two! That’s 14 days long! During these 14 days, you eat three meals rich in sirtuin protein and a cup of green juice.

3. Gabourey Sidibe weight loss Secrets:

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I love Gabourey Sidibe weight loss One of the most inspiring out there. One thing she first focused on before anything else, that in my opinion has helped her tremendously, was to:

1. Take Pain As Fuel

Throughout her life, Gabourey sidibe has been overweight. At school, in the street and in even in the red carpet, Gabourey Sidibe was made fun of! She gets daily bitter criticism from her followers. But she turned that into inside and outside motivation and went right into her goals. She used bully and criticism and deep self love as her drive to get better with each and every day, not only in losing weight but also in her life in general.

2. Love And Accept Your Body:

That’s another thing that made her lose weight. When you are in peace with your flaws, things somehow start to take a whole new different direction. Resisting your flaws is the fastest track to getting depressed, angry all the time. Finding peace with her body despite the weight was the first big step in the process of Gabourey Sidibe weight loss!

3. Ditch Crap Out Of Your Diet

After the two steps mentioned above, she mustered the courage and took chocolate bars, sausage pizza, and chocolate ice cream out of her house!

4. Plan Your Day The Healthy Way:

For breakfast, she often drinks a green smoothie, eats a scrambled egg and a bowl of whole grain oatmeal. For lunch and dinner, she eats slowly digested carbs and lots of protein

5. Exercise Large Muscle Groups:

Her exercise routine plays a major role in Gabourey sidibe weight loss journey! Legs and cardio, four times a week were Gabourey sidibe primarily focus.

4. Chris Pratt Weight Loss Secrets:

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One of the the challenges most actors fall prey to is really switching roles. For some roles, they have to look lean, fit and strong. For others though, they have to beef up. That rollercoaster and vicious cycle is really tiring. One of those lucky actors to have a similar experience was Chris Pratt. This was not that hard for him though. In many of his interviews, Chris Pratt admitted that he likes to lose weight-gain weight vicious cycle. Anyway , here is how Chris Pratt weight loss strategy looks like

1. Drink Tons Of Water:

Drinking water helps in shedding weight to a great extent. In some of his interview, preparing for a new movie, Chris Pratt admitted peeing all day long because of the big quantities of water he drinks.

2. Eat Quality And Quantity Foods

To get as muscular and shredded like Chris Pratt, you have to choose the right food and eat lot so of it. So, that’s what he did. Eating protein, carbs and fiber. Those made his chest as strong and big as a rock!

3. Exercise Like A Freak:

Chris Pratt exercises four times a week. He does a variety of exercises, running, weight training, boxing and swimming are just a tip of the iceberg. Working hard those three to four times a week made him look as sexy as a Greek god.

5. Rick Ross Weight Loss Secrets:

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“My advice for anyone looking to lose weight is to not make it feel like a job,” said Rick Ross. That is a simple, yet very deep sentence. It says it all, especially if you hate your job! For Rick Ross, weight loss doesn’t have to be a burden or a short quick fix, but a journey to enjoy and cherish. Rick Ross focused on a long term approach. But like so many other celebrities, Rick Ross weight loss journey started the day he knew he had two choice, his life or his belly. Having two “two seizures within six hours of each other in 2011” had his doctor put him into diet that will then rid him of more than 22275 Lbs. Here is how he did it:

1. Take Baby Steps:

Taking easy and short goals and celebrate each baby steps he made was of the key ingredients to those whopping 75 Lbs.

2. Come Up With Something You Enjoy

I love Rick Ross weight loss philosophy because it puts a great deal of emphasis on enjoying the the process, rather trapping yourself in a cage! Rick Ross invented his own version of crossfit that he enjoys feels comfy doing!

3. Find Foods You Enjoy:

Rick Ross weight loss knew if he was hard on himself, he would get back to his old habits. So, finding the food he enjoyed eating gradually was one of the things that helped him to sustain that consistency.

6. Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Secrets:

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If you are surrounded with a fit and healthy gang from every side, sooner or later you will get addicted too! That’s the very same thing that happened to Rebel wilson! After the firm decision she took to take her health to a whole new level, she immediately contacted her hollywood friends for tips and tricks to get her health life together Here are what they advised her to do: Rebel wilson didn’t starve herself, as she knows that doing so get her nothing. What did she do then? She just went and changed some of her bad habits to more healthy and empowering ones! Here are three habits she opted for to get her body to function at its best again:

1. Ditch Sugar:

That’s an obvious move if you are trying to get those sey abs to show up again, right? Easier said than done, believe me!

2. Snack On Healthy Fats:

Instead of bread, cookies and chips, Rebel wilson preferred high fat snacks to keep her insulin levels high. Rebel wilson snacks on brazilian nuts and almonds.

3. Take Advantage Of The Afterburn Effect

Instead of doing hours of cardio, she opted for a high intensity training consisting of five to ten minutes of really High intensity exercises, performed four times a week. This allowed to build muscles. By doing so, her body can still burn fat even after hours of her workout. So, even if she chooses to sit all day long on her couch, her body is still doing the hard work, burning calories.

4. Eat Lots Of Fiber

She focuses on getting in as much fiber as possible. So, instead of worrying and stressing herself over counting each and every calorie, she instead focused on her fiber intake. Focusing on getting as much fiber as she could throughout the day helped her not only to lose weight even faster, but also staying full all day long!

7. Melissa Mccarthy Weight Loss Secrets:

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Melissa Mccarthy weight loss story is almost identical to those weight loss stories mentioned above. Here is how she Melissa Mccarthy did?

1. Do It For Yourself

One of the tricks that helped her to shed weight was really to do it for herself not her fans or anyone else. She wasn’t looking for the lights to shed on her face and trying to fit in the Hollywood community. Instead, she focused on eating healthy for her health and body!

2. She Embraced Her Body:

At first, she accepted herself the way she is, with her weight hanging tight to her body. She accepted herself. Miraculously, once that resistance to how people would perceive her vanished, her weight began then to decrease slowly but surely!

3. Opt For A Low-Carb Diet

Melissa Mccarthy diet was and still is a low-carb high-fat diet, in addition to lots of quality protein. She consumed only healthy foods, from egg whites, fish, chicken, all the way to turkey and beef!

4. Seek Professional Help:

Hiring a trainer was a big move for Melissa mccarthy. The trainer helped her tremendously to get into martial art that she so much enjoy! The actress does a lot of burpees, rope skipping and squatting.

8. Susan Boyle Weight Loss Secrets:

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Sometimes losing weight is not an option but a must. That’s what happened to Susan Boyle.

After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, she had no he choice but to take her health seriously. Even though there isn’t much information about Susan Boyle weight loss strategy, there are nuggets she shared here and there!

1. Ditch Sweeties

The very first thing she did, as everyone else, was ditching sugar for life. Cakes and sweeties were very hard for her to get rid of, but she had to! Sugar is hardest thing to get rid of. But once you are done with this poison, you become free. Taking care of your health then becomes way easier! Getting rid of sugar should be your number one priority should you follow Susan boyle weight loss system. Once you are fine with seeing sugar in the table and don’t give a flying f***uck about it, you are up to the second step

2. Use A Magic Pill

Another thing that helped her shed extra fat is taking a supplement called Garcinia Cambogia. These were known in hollywood only and lately been put to all the public.

3. Go For Walks:

The third thing she did, after getting rid of that crap is to go for walks. While walking, she would do some breathing exercises. The breathing will get you to relax more and get rid of stress. Stress plays a great deal in putting on weight. These may sound simple. But those small changes made her significant weight

9. Khloe Kardashian Weight Loss Secrets:

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Right after breakup with Lamar Odom, instead of eating her fingertips, Khloe Kardashian immediately put herself to a challenge that will benefit her health, rather sticking her nose into an emotional turmoil that never comes to an end. Here is how khloe kardashian did it:

1. Set Achievable Goals

This is one of the most important things that you have to consider if you rare embarking on in a journey to lose weight. At first, we get motivated and we say we will get this and that. But after a month or two, all that motivation goes into flames. We end up losing all that motivation and never getting an inch closer to what we set ourselves for! khloe was clever to do that at first. She didn’t set herself for failure by setting a big goal that she couldn’t help but stay feel belittled before!

2. Kicked Diary Out Of Your Diet

One of her major challenges was to kick dairy out of her diet. Cheese, milk, yoghurt; she dies for those. Ditching dairy for life was a challenge, but being curvy in a slim family is way harder that that. Khloe chose to get rid of diary instead of being called FAAAAT!

3. Take Your Gym With You

Traveling out of her town, Khloe doesn’t make an excuse to not exercise. If she could do only push ups, planks and some cardio, for her, these are enough. These are doable anywhere! Having that ttt in her life, made Khloe lose weight without putting much pressure on herself.

10. Mama June Weight Loss Secrets

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Unlike many other celebrities listed here, Mama June Once you are fine with seeing sugar in the table and don’t give a flying f***uck about it, you are up to the second step story is a bit different. Mama June combines surgery with exercise, along with some other healthy eating habits to wave a farewell to all those excessive pounds clinging to her body. So if you are not so much into surgery and prefer to get those washboard abs to show naturally, then be picky with Mama June weight loss strategy. Off to the very first thing in the list of Mama June’s Once you are fine with seeing sugar in the table and don’t give a flying f***uck about it, you are up to the second step plan:

1. Walk

Moving around the neighborhood, about three miles daily, is one of the main reasons Mama June lost a whooping 10 pounds. Having kids, according to Mama June, keeps you busy and moving all the time. This puts your body in a constant fat burning state. That’s obvious to most people but to lady with a 28 size, who is so used to just lying on her couch, walking for three to four miles a day is something really worth a toast!

2. Distract Yourself

Another simple, yet very effective trick that helped Mama June to shed those pounds is being distracted by business, kids and other stuff. Her mind then doesn’t focus so much on food anymore, but rather on things she has to get done. By being busy all day long, she give her brain no more room to think about food!

3. Get A Personal Trainer:

Another great tips Mama June recommends is having a personal trainer. By investing in a personal training, you guarantee that you won’t get injured, follow a diet plan that doesn’t work for your and saves you so much trial and errors. Behind those three to four miles a day mentioned earlier stands Natacha Fett, her personal trainer. Natasha keeps motivating and pushing her.

4. Have A Great Team To Encourage You:

Having people who support you when things aren’t going the way you want is really critical to the success factor in Mama June Once you are fine with seeing sugar in the table and don’t give a flying f***uck about it, you are up to the second step story. She has her two daughters who keep her on track, have her back when she is tired and alwys there for her.

5. Opt For Healthy Eating Habits:

If your diet sucks, all the other tricks mentioned above won’t do Mama June any good. She knows that. That’s why her diet consists of juicing more, getting into her body less food and has an eye on her daily calorie intake. No room for mistakes here! There you go guys, those are 10 celebrities and their weight loss tips and tricks. Try to put that into practice. I guarantee you will see results soon!

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