The Timeless Beauty of Bathroom Shower Enclosures

Remodeling or renovating your home can become a big job. For instance installing bathroom shower enclosures can require lots of planning and redesigning of your existing bathroom. If you are going to do it, at least do it right with a luxury bathroom shower enclosure. Many of these are designed to give you the luxury you have been missing all these years in your bathroom. Some include features such as MP3 players, hands free telephone speaker and steam jets. It is best to leave the installation of the luxury bathroom shower enclosures to a professional to ensure proper installation.

On the contemporary side of bathroom shower enclosures fiberglass enclosures are an excellent choice for simplicity. They can provide you with a timeless air that can be adjusted to your bathroom décor with curtains, mirrors and wall hangings. These can generally be custom built to your specifications as well as being placed in a corner or inside an existing bathtub. In some instances you can purchase glass shower doors with the slide track and install them on your existing bathtub. Then connect a water line to the water supply for your shower head. This can turn your old bathtub into a modern bathtub with a shower.

Most bathroom shower enclosures are designed as stalls but of course these are the cheaper end of the line. Although they can be cheaper, they can also be custom designed to include features such as steam, power jets and water temperature controlled. You can also purchase these in a contemporary design that will go with any décor in your bathroom. Stalls are also the easiest to install because there is little more there than three walls, doors, a floor and the shower itself. They are generally a very simple design made of fiberglass.

Glass bathroom shower enclosures are the more expensive of the shower enclosures. These can be either frameless or framed. They are sealed so there is no threat of leaks and the glass is tempered to resist breakage. These are usually heavier than most fiberglass shower enclosures so it is important to ensure your floor is healthy enough to withstand the weight. Bathroom shower enclosures that bring your bathroom into a modern age is worthless if it falls through the floor! Consult a professional contractor before committing to one of these enclosures so they can be sure your floor will handle the extra weight of the glass.


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