How, you still do not know how to perform strict pull-ups ?!

For some people, simply doing the first in life strict tightening means a lot. If you seek to perform smooth and effective pull-ups, this article will become your secret weapon.

Develop strength

At this stage, we agree with the statement that only the performance of a certain number of strict pull-ups is an indispensable condition for just starting a conversation about pull-ups by kipping. There are many opinions about how this quantity should be. But let’s not complicate it and look at it from the other side.

You must be able to control every centimeter of your movement.

"GREAT EXPERIENCE, and a GREAT PRODUCT. Loving this skipping rope as a pre-MMA warm-up, and as part of a conditioning workout. Overall, 5/5 on all fronts." -Jonah P.

When it’s time to start pulling up with kipping, you do not have to rely solely on luck and crazy movements with your hips to reach out the chin to the crossbar. You will learn how to move your body as you please.

There are two questions that I should ask you:

  • How long have you been trying to perform rigorous pull-ups?

  • What methods did you use at the moment?

I ask this, because when I look at the athletes I train, I see that quite a few are stuck in the “gangster” past.

By this I mean that they do not know where to start apart from the traditional method with elastic bands .

Do not get me wrong, tapes are an excellent tool for working on pull-ups in the gym. It is also true that pull-ups on rings are extremely important for the development of your strength.

The main problem is that we ignore the question of how to create tension in the motion model that we are trying to improve.

Let’s imagine that I’ll ask you to tap the latissimus muscles of your back while you’re hanging on the bar. If you can not physically feel your back, then this request will be meaningless. On this you will stumble during the jerk. And on this same you will stumble during pulling .

Your proprioceptors do not have the opportunity to pause and understand at what point your body is.

The use of exercises such as pulling on the rings and raising the weights with one hand is critical for the development of universal power skills.

And, as a cherry on the cake, I want to note that your body must learn to transfer the voltage back to the bar. In the end, you will perform everything automatically.

Holdings in the static position do not look very attractive, but they are very effective

There is nothing better than holding for the development of strength and control in the performance of the movement that you are trying to improve. You immediately receive feedback when something is wrong, and lose control.

You will feel the sensations that your body experiences, after only a few first approaches. What is it like to keep from the last strength? What do you feel when you really use your back muscles?

Pavel Tsatsulin described this problem in the book Tools of titans: ” If you are in doubt, start working on the grip and muscles of the body.Strengthening the muscles-stabilizers and grip will automatically improve your results in any exercise. With the muscles of the press, the effect is due in part to an increase in activity within the abdominal press and partly to an increase in stability. As for the grip, then the neurological effect of irradiation is already involved, i.e. the spread of the excitation process from the muscles responsible for the grip strength to the other muscles . ”

For the exercises below, we are going to use a reverse grip that will allow you to work on rotating outwards and balance the punctured work that we will perform.

Supine (back) grip, the chin is above the horizontal bar

Extra pair of inches from the chin above the bar, when your BREAST touches the bar, will allow you to fully extend the thoracic spine and strengthen the lowering rotational muscles of the scapula.

Repeated grip, hang on bent hands

On the video, we use a reverse grip. You can also use a straight grip, in which your back will be activated much more actively.

Holding the concave body position

Believe it or not, but your ability to hold the concave position of the body directly affects everything. Even on strict pull-ups.

Strict pull-ups – Summarize all of the above

Suppose that everything you do now is a daily standard training. I will make the assumption that you only have 5-10 free minutes after classes to perform these exercises. The most optimal way to start doing something is to do all ONE of the above exercises per day. Combining it with other exercises to develop the shoulder muscles.

To understand which grip is better to use, begin by assessing how many approaches you need to do so that the total duration of the exercise is 60 seconds (in time).

Over the next few weeks, increase the intensity by working on longer-term approaches. For example, for 10 seconds, for 15 seconds, for 30 seconds.

Work – this is your path to the goal, when you can perform approaches for 60 seconds. Then you can write me a letter with gratitude, when you can “have a pull-up for breakfast.”

Example for those engaged 3 days a week:


  • Mahi weight with one hand – 3 x 8 / for each hand

  • Holding the concave position of the body – 6 x 0:10


  • ” When carrying out the sweeps of the kettlebells with one hand, the shoulders are not loaded. The entire work is performed by the muscles responsible for the vertical movement of the blades. You load the eccentric muscles of the shoulder, which can cause a tendon (you feel comfortable whilst doing rotational movements and feel discomfort when you perform the rotation). This leads to a rebuilding of the tendon.We can observe a similar problem for most crossfitters. When you put the load that you need on your shoulder, it will function better. “- Dr. Jeremy.


  • Supine grip, chin is above the horizontal bar – 6 x 0:10

  • Walk the farmer – 3-5 tracks x 30 meters


  • Among the exercises performed in the hall, you can rarely see the farmer’s walk, which is explained by the limited space. But if we are talking about structural equilibrium, then you should be able to carry loads that are 110-120% of the weight you take when doing sit-ups with a barbell on your shoulders. I do not want you to feel uncomfortable, I just want to push you to do this exercise. Especially if you do not have special handles for carrying. This is the most basic skill. You simply move the object from point A to point B. Remember, a strong grip is a condition of great results.


  • Supine grip, hang on bent hands – 6 x: 10

  • “High-explosive row” – 3 x 8 / for each side


  • Julien Pineau recommends this exercise for the development of the lower latissimus muscles of the back and oblique muscle. Pulling on the rings or lifting dumbbells in a slope is also great for this purpose. However, listening to his explanation of why the execution of the “high-explosive range” exercise does not allow you to cheat, you understand that in this case we kill two birds with one stone.

As you can see, this article is not just about how to do pull-ups on the crossbar. We want to see your movements in general, to determine all the underlying problems. Use all of the above to start working in this direction tomorrow.

If you have an additional 5-10 minutes, I would add a few more components to your workouts to strengthen your strengths.

It does not matter whether you show excellent results in all the basic weightlifting exercises, such as squatting with a barbell above your head, etc., or you can hardly do a handstand, I have something that will be useful to you.

What more stuff like this?

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