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At employment by fitness there is a risk of reception of traumas. The degree of damage, of course, can vary

At employment by fitness there is a risk of reception of traumas. The degree of damage, of course, can vary. Immediately continue training in the same volume and with the same intensity, it is obvious that it is impossible. Here on the first place there are questions about what for the damage and about the restoration of injured structures (muscles, ligaments, joints). The definition of the type and extent of damage is, of course, the prerogative of physicians. Therefore, it is recommended that you still turn to specialists, not to the Internet or your friends / girlfriends.

And I would like to stop on the process of rehabilitation and rehabilitation. Speaking about modern methods of rehabilitation, it is worth saying that all of them are more or less effective, but they are used at specific stages from the moment of injury. Otherwise, their effectiveness is reduced to zero or even can have a negative effect on healing.

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At the first stage, there is inflammation, which is in itself a normal typical physiological process that allows tissues to recover. If, for example, talking about an insignificant stretching of the ligament, then this stage can last up to a week. And it must be accompanied, first of all, by creating a relative rest for the damaged area. Do not immediately rush to “pump” it. It is appropriate to use cold for the first two days in order to reduce the possibility of edema development and relieve pain. And what is also worth paying attention to – the inflammatory process has a habit of passing by itself. Without the use of tablets, ointments, etc. and tp.

The subsequent post-traumatic period depends, of course, on the degree of damage. And the gradual nature of the methods of recovery must first of all be based on the fact that low-specific structures (collagen) are first formed in the damaged zone and do not possess the proper degree of strength, elasticity, etc. Accordingly, the same ligament is not ready to perceive the load that was accounted for before the injury. Its power can drop to 15-20% of the original, for example.

Further, specific structures are formed, but as the processes of “tightening the tissue” occur, the mobility decreases.

Here, it is optimal to use techniques that ensure a soft mobilization and contribute to better coordination of the work of the damaged zone (such as pilates, balance exercises, myofascial release, stretching).

In parallel, there is a recovery of the microcirculatory bed, local blood supply. In this case physiotherapeutic procedures are irreplaceable.

All this period, again, depending on the degree of injury can last from a month to six months.

The return of dynamic exercises, the restoration of speed-strength indicators is logically relegated in its turn to later stages after receiving an injury. And, accordingly, adds time to the time until the full recovery.

Hence it is logical to assume that you need to make sensible and timely use of various elements of rehabilitation, otherwise you risk getting just a chronic inflammation.

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