Warm up

5 rounds

  • 10 KBS
  • 10 Push ups
  • 10 V-ups
Power block
5 approaches
  • 5 BP
Next exercise
  • 60 pull-ups
  • AMRAP 10 minutes
  • 10  DBS
  • 10 meters OHDL

The terms of the day’s training

  • KBS (Kettlebell Swing) – mahi giri
  • Push up – push-ups
  • V-Up – V-fold. Exercise on the press with simultaneous raising of legs and hands
  • BP (Bench Press) – bench press
  • WOD (Workout of the day) – complex of the day, task of the day
  • AMRAP (as many round as possible) – finish as many rounds as possible
  • DBS (Dumbbell Snatch) – dash of dumbbells
  • OHDL (Over Head Dumbbell Lunges) – attacks from dumbbells above the head


"GREAT EXPERIENCE, and a GREAT PRODUCT. Loving this skipping rope as a pre-MMA warm-up, and as part of a conditioning workout. Overall, 5/5 on all fronts." -Jonah P.

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