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Push-ups – one of the most popular exercises with which many begin to get acquainted with the sport.

Push-ups – one of the most popular exercises with which many begin to get acquainted with the sport. Both beginners and experienced athletes appreciate it for the simplicity of the technique of execution, the quick result and the opportunity to deal with when and wherever.

To be healthy and feel good, you need to regularly press. Exercise has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole, leads the muscles into tonus and forms a beautiful athletic build. Push-ups from the floor – a universal solution for those who are not ready to spend a lot of time training, but wants a slim, tight and strong figure.

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It is necessary to start pressing at least 3 times a week for 15 minutes, and after a month you will be pleasantly surprised by your reflection in the mirror. The exercise is aimed at training the muscles of the torso, arms, shoulders and back. It increases the volume of biceps, triceps, thoracic and deltoid muscles, as well as anterior cog muscles.

However, in order to achieve the desired goal, one must deal with the mind. Before training, you must conduct an intensive warm-up, and at the end of the exercise – a measured hitch.


Classic push-ups from the floor are carried out in the “lying down” position. The feet are closed. Gently bend your arms in the elbows and sink parallel to the floor, without touching it. Then gradually straighten your arms and return to the starting position. Now you have done 1 push-up.


Keep your back straight, like when making a bar. Pull up the pelvis and stomach. Your body must form one straight straight line. Tighten the muscles and feel how they work.

Breathe correctly. Take a deep breath as you descend, and a gentle exhalation when you rise. With this breathing technique, your muscles are optimally saturated with oxygen.

Do not overdo it. The result of training is achieved not by the number of push-ups at a time, but by the quality of their performance. Specialists recommend to squeeze out a maximum of 12 times for 4 sets 2-3 days a week. Start small and gradually come to this indicator.


In addition to classic push-ups, there are a few more techniques for doing the exercise. Load on different muscle groups is distributed depending on the position of the head, back, arms and legs.

  • With a wide setting of hands

Lightweight version of push-ups. The main load is on the pectoral muscles. The exercise is also performed in a prone position. However, the arms should be placed wider than the shoulder distances by 20-30 cm, and the palms should turn outward.

On inspiration, bend your arms in the elbows to the right angle, on exhalation – return to the starting position.

  • With a narrow setting of hands

Focus on triceps. Accept the position of the body, similar to the previous one. Brushes of hands put in parallel of a breast in several centimeters from each other. Elbows push to the trunk.

On inhalation, drop to a distance of 3-5 centimeters from the floor, on the exhale, rise, pushing from the floor with the efforts of triceps.

  • On one hand

Suitable for trained athletes. The main load is distributed to the muscles of the working arm. Exercise is performed in the traditional push-up position, but with an emphasis on one hand, when the second is behind the back.

On inspiration, sink down and bend your arm at the elbow, on exhalation return to the starting position. Make the right amount of push-ups and change the supporting arm.

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