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Fast snacks, fast food and an unbalanced diet spoil the figure

Fast snacks, fast food and an unbalanced diet spoil the figure. The body suffers from an improper diet and saves fat in order to save energy. So there is excess weight. Today we will tell you how to eat to lose weight.


The main principle of proper nutrition is the balance between consumption of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. On average, the total number of calories consumed per day is 2000. 45-65% of them are carbohydrates, 20-35% are fats and 10-35% are proteins. With such a system, the body receives all the beneficial substances in the right doses.

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In addition to proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the menu, you need to add fiber and foods containing vitamins and trace elements that the body needs for life.

In addition to balancing the mineral substances, it is necessary to control the amount of calories consumed. Exclude from your diet harmful foods: foods high in fat, flour products, fast food, sweets, carbonated drinks. Reduce the amount of salt in the diet to a minimum. The fact that salt detains fluid in the body – it leads to edema.

Restrictions apply to the size of portions – 250-300 grams. At the same time it is necessary to eat fractional – it is recommended to eat every 2-2.5 hours.

In addition to food, do not forget that every day you need to drink 2 liters of liquid. Water cleanses the body of toxins and removes harmful substances.

The table below shows the products that are allowed and forbidden when losing weight.

for weight loss

for weight loss
the use of which
is necessary to limit
Vegetables Dishes and drinks with a high sugar content Red meat
Fruit Flour products Butter
Cereals Semifinished products Vegetable oil
Cereals Fast food White rice
Dairy products Candies White bread
A fish Bakery products Potatoes
Low-fat meat (chicken, turkey) Smoked meat Dried fruits
Whole wheat bread Canned food
Eggs Mayonnaise
Macaroni from durum wheat


Disgracing the most popular myth: there are no special products due to which you can lose weight.

Losing weight is due to burning consumed calories. It is not so important from which products you get energy. You can get well on a strict diet of chicken breast and buckwheat, if you really eat a lot.

There are no products with negative caloric content, for processing of which the body spends more energy than it receives. These are usually considered cucumbers, celery and cabbage. In reality, the body spends about 30% of its energy value for processing any product.


Do not believe the reviews about “the most effective diets.” All popular diet systems for weight loss are based on a decrease in daily calories. In some cases, for example, when restricting carbohydrates, weight may decrease due to fluid loss, but this effect is short-lived.

The main reasons why diets are ineffective:

  • Refusal of food leads to a slowing of metabolism.
  • Diet will not add to you strength and muscle mass, but will only lead to exhaustion of the body.
  • Express diet “lose weight by 10 kg in two days” – just a loss of fluid.
  • A diet that has helped others may not suit you. In the body, everything is arranged very individually, so an improperly selected diet can seriously harm your health.


To properly lose weight, you need to carefully think over your diet. Try to eat every day at the same time. Make a schedule, bring in all the meals, even snacks, and stick to it. Try not to skip breakfast. Since morning, hunger is not felt, but breakfast is an important ritual, thanks to which the body is charged with energy for the whole day.


Do not ignore the feeling of hunger. With a lack of food, the body begins to put off fat. As soon as you feel the need for food, make a small snack – eat an apple or drink a glass of yogurt.

In addition to all meals, add daily physical activity to your schedule. Plan the day so that you do not exercise on a full stomach or, conversely, do not eat up after a workout.

If you constantly think about the chocolate lobule while you are on a diet, eat it and calm down. Just keep yourself in hand and remember that all calories consumed will need to be burned.


Daily ration for weight loss is divided into 5-6 meals. It is best to steam, cook or bake dishes. Fried on fat or refined sunflower oil products are prohibited. A good alternative is flaxseed or olive oil.

The ideal breakfast menu consists of complex carbohydrates, a small amount of protein and a small portion of fruit. At lunch you can eat vegetables or dairy products. Healthy lunch – low-fat meat (chicken or turkey), vegetables and complex carbohydrates.

As a snack, we advise you to have a snack with vegetables or cottage cheese. For dinner – proteins and vegetables. At the same time try not to eat a lot of potatoes, corn, beets and carrots. These vegetables increase the level of sugar in the blood. Before going to bed, eat a portion of cottage cheese or drink a glass of yogurt. This will satisfy the hunger and help you to fall asleep quickly.

As snacks during the day, we recommend nuts and vegetables. If you feel a strong hunger, and until the next meal is still far away, take whole wheat bread and put on it sliced ​​avocado slices. This dish contains useful fats and carbohydrates, from which you will not get fat. You can also eat a handful of almonds, if you do not want to eat.


First of all, the food should be balanced – it is necessary to comply with the norm of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, without exceeding the daily caloric content.

Nutritionists recommend keeping a nutrition diary where you can record everything you ate during the day. Such control will help you not to break the forbidden products.

For half an hour before the first meal, drink a glass of warm water with a lemon. This will speed up the metabolism.

Remember that during weight loss you should not feel bad. Do not force yourself into strict limits. Proper nutrition does not harm the body and helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Review of Nadezhda Zaribko

“I have been engaged in” Mango “for more than a year, and I also do the same with a personal trainer. I feel much more athletic – thanks to Ole (Plankevich). Has grown thin somewhere on 6 kg, plus to it there was a relief of arms or hand, legs or foots and the press. To achieve the result, it took 5-6 months.

I think that on my own, I would not have achieved such a result, at least so quickly. The coach gave useful advice on nutrition, training, day regimen, supported and motivated.

I think the result is a set of achievements: the regime and composition of nutrition, as well as the physical state. Now I practice fractional (4-5 times a day) food, with small portions, refused harmful food. Now in my diet there is no canned and fried food, bread products (I eat only porridge), salt, sugar and sauces. I have already become accustomed to such nutrition and I feel comfortable. True, it is still difficult to give up the sweet, so I still sometimes eat it, but without fanaticism. ”

Review of Anastasia Prohorova

“For me, diet is torture. It is difficult for me to control my diet, the process of losing weight is given to me very difficult. For a long time I could not lose weight, and I decided to go to the gym. In the “Mango” I was very helped – for 4 months I lost 6 kilos. I learned a lot about a healthy lifestyle and realized that you should not exhaust yourself with complicated diets. Proper nutrition has become a way of life for me. I lost weight, sleep well and look great. ”

Review of Ekaterina Teselkina

“I’ve been on a lot of diets for a very long time. Over time, they stopped helping me. Somehow I decided to change my way of life and consult with professionals. Fitness trainers of the club “Mango” recommended to start eating properly and regularly engage in the gym. I feel great, there was some lightness in my body. I am very satisfied with the result. ”
Proper nutrition is a great way to lose weight without harm to health. In the Mango fitness club, the instructors will help you make the right menu and balance the diet in order to achieve the desired results.

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