Natural Vs. Lab Grown Diamonds: What’s The Difference?

Lab-grown diamonds are becoming in demand in the market since natural diamonds are getting scarce plus the reality that lab-grown diamonds are more affordable.  South lake lab-grown diamonds are being offered by jewelers in that area, so if you are planning to buy one then consider lab-grown diamonds. Another key in picking the right diamond is getting familiar with its features. Did you know that differentiating lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds is hard and even experts have to use several tools and devices to know? 

Can You Tell The Difference Between Lab Grown Diamonds And Natural Diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds have the same composition which is why it is hard to pinpoint which is which. Even experts can not tell by looking at it, they have to run some tests and use some tools to determine the diamond’s nature. 

Pros of Buying Lab Grown Diamonds

Improve Quality and Purity

Since lab-grown diamonds are not mined from the earth, the impurities can be lesser. Although it is not guaranteed to be flawless the inclusions can be fewer. The intervention of science and the knowledge of man can make adjustments to the creation of the diamond to give it a higher quality. 

More Affordable 

The process of creating lab-grown diamonds requires less equipment and manpower and can be created in a shorter period of time. This makes lab-grown diamonds more affordable than natural ones. Lab-grown diamonds can price at 50% lower than their natural diamond counterparts. 

Guilt-free Composition and Origin are Guaranteed 

With lab-grown diamonds the buyer is sure that they are not “blood diamonds”, therefore they won’t feel guilty wearing a diamond as their jewelry since they are sure about its source 100%. Mined diamonds have been facing conflict issues and getting lab-grown diamonds would not have you a second thought to buying a diamond for your jewelry. 


Lab-grown diamonds can be made anytime and they can be mass produced since they have the resources in making them.  

Pros Of Buying Natural Diamonds

Natural Diamond has Higher Value

Rare natural diamonds can be given a high price value if you can get one. Opting for natural diamonds can make you feel the value of the diamond since they are created billions of years and they can have a significant story behind them. 

Natural Diamonds Support the Economy 

When diamonds are mined it gives work opportunities for local people. Mining diamonds requires manpower and equipment, therefore a team is needed to do the work. Mining diamonds has helped rural areas to boost their economy and give people work to be able to feed their families. 

Natural Diamonds are Rich in History 

Diamonds have a lot of history to tell from decades ago, there are significant dates that make the diamond in demand and loved by people. Diamonds are believed to have powers in ancient times and people use them to ward off evil spirits and ghosts. It was believed to be an antidote for poison, that’s why diamonds are special and powerful for them. 

Natural Diamonds can be Conflict Free

Natural diamonds have more sources which means they can be conflict-free and you would know the source of the diamond you are buying. This makes natural diamonds more desirable since buyers know they will not be in trouble and can be guilt-free. Thru the years of mining, people involved had already made a way to mine diamonds and be able to keep the ethical standard set about this matter. 

Natural diamond and lab-grown diamond may have the same properties and appearance, however, they have their own advantages. So as a buyer it will be wise to be familiar oath them before you make your purchase. In that way, you can weigh which of them is ideal for you, since different people have different sentiments too. Get the diamond that can satisfy your expectations and that can make you happy. Diamonds are the best gem for jewelry, either for personal use or as a gift they still serve their purpose which is to let someone feel their value by wearing these priceless gems. Natural or lab grown diamonds still tops the list of gems that people want to have in their jewelry. 


Juno Ivy Richards: Juno, an environmental health advocate, discusses the impact of environmental factors on health, climate change, and sustainable living practices.