How to Make Best Use of Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate

Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate is known to many as baking soda. It just isn’t something we put in our foods when guests visit so that they can feel full but it has highly many applications in our day to day life.

The molecular formula for sodium hydrogen carbonate or sodium bicarbonate as it is named. This is used by many Industrial standards is NaHCO3 well its chemistry stuff what most people hate.

A little more chemistry just to hate it more or maybe love it, sodium hydrogen carbonate is formed by one dual charged ion of Sodium, one mono charged ion of Hydrogen and a dually charged ion of carbonate (CO3) molecule. But again this isn’t class of chemistry right? Lets just move forward to the uses.

Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate

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Make your very own sports drink

You an athlete ? But can’t afford those costly sport drinks ? Just make your own. To water add some salt plus some flavor of yours and now our magic content baking soda, shake a bit and there it is your very own energizer. Think of starting a new startup ?

Kill those cockroaches

Yes, you read it right no more shouting to those roaches just spread the baking powder around your home and those roaches would die. If you wish to know the evil side let me just make you part of a sin, those roaches eating baking soda, the gas evolves and they burst open. Harsh isn’t it but yay! No more cockroaches.

Make your Windshield Repel Rain

Sprinkle a bit baking soda on the windshield and clean it damp cloth to shine. Next time it rains water would be least of your worries. Hope it worked same on humans.

Windshield Repel Rain

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No ! To Acnes

A good news to the teenagers out there. Acnes are the worst thing ever. If worst had an superlative degree that would suit right because they appear right before an outing or a party. No more hiding those faces now, just make a paste of baking soda and apply directly over acnes.

Deodorants? Nah !

Seriously I’m not insane especially to those who have an intense odor. Well, does deodorants provide with day long odor protection ? No! Just take a fistful baking soda and pat in under those sweat glands of yours, problem over.

Fresh flowers all day long!

Shout out to the fragrance lovers and the florists too. Want your flowers to be fresh all day long? Just add some baking soda to the vase it will keep the flowers fresh for more time.

Heartburns ? Say no more

A simple home remedy to work as an antacid. Just a little water plus some drops of lemon and to a teaspoon of baking soda. Drink it and let the alkaline nature of baking soda do its work. It works magic.


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Tarnished Silver?

Make silver shine as if you bought it afresh. Rub any silver substance with a paste of baking soda make sure you leave no part untouched wrap it all over in an aluminum foil make it stay for a day, the next day wash is with clean dry water and there it is the shine restored it would require a Sherlock to tell the truth.

Wash off Uranium with ease

Where does even Uranium come in? Well, it’s for those working in and around nuclear plants as uranium remains stuck in your clothes even after a laundry and this would wear off your favorite Formal pretty damn early.

Take care of that just add some baking soda to the laundry detergent and wash off that uranium with ease. Baking soda works as an energizer for laundry detergent so it can also be used usually no harm done.

What say about Washing Soda ?

Sodium Carbonate, chemical name of washing soda. Sodium carbonate uses sodium bicarbonate for its formation. Washing soda forms a major part of our laundry detergents. Well you wouldn’t like me to go deep into chemistry yet again, would you?


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