How to Lose Weight Fast With no Effort

If you have tried almost everything concerning your diet and failed to lose weight, then don’t worry because you came to the right place, this may sound too good to be true but I will show you a way to lose weight fast and easy with no effort. Believe it or not, it’s true!


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How many times you heard or read recommendations such as “you need to exercise self-control or you need to control your food intake“? All these suggestions are good in terms of theory, however they have a minimal practical effect, otherwise you wouldn’t read this article, right? It is time to approach your weight loss goal with realism, otherwise you will remain stuck forever.


The basic step in order to lose weight is to understand yourself and to realize why you eat so much. When you solve this puzzle, you will become thinner definitely.


Why are you food dependent?

The reason is simple. The amount you consume daily is what you need in order to overcome the difficulties on your stressful life. These difficulties might be anything that absorbs your mental and/or body energy. Such life obstacles are the stress of daily work, family or personal problems, unfulfilled goals, etc. The food intake is the substitute, the medicine for all these problems which keeps you strong daily. If you eat too much, it is a sign that you have a lot of unsolved problems and negative emotions on your life.


If you stop eating radically, you might develop a sense of anger, be nervous and unhappy. Your self will look for other substitutes in order to gain back its lost energy and satisfaction, however, if you don’t succeed then you might return to great degree back to overeating. It is a vicious cycle that you can’t stop. You may accuse nature for being born this way but you must not blame yourself because you are not responsible for this situation, no matter what the others in your environment say about it.


We, the humans tend to take seriously our physical needs, however we underestimate our mental needs, considering that only our strong will is enough to help us fulfil them. In reality, there are mental needs that cannot be solved only with decisiveness and patience. The consumption of large amounts of food is a mental need that rises and depends on the unbearable stress of our lives and the factors which are responsible for the energy absorption of our ourselves daily.


So, how can you stop this terrible overeating cycle? Is there a choice?


The answer is yes! My secret can end the overeating cycle and make you lose weight.


The Secret to Lose Weight

The weight loss secret that I’ll share with you was confirmed by myself in the near past. I had a serious overweight problem, actually i was over 100 kilos. My personal life was very stressful and unbearable. I spent many hours in front of my computer and I was eating often in order to confront my anxiety. I tried to lose weight by using several methods, however none of them really helped me, because i couldn’t stick to any of them, I was enthusiastic at the beginning and then postponed all of my effort and continued eating more than ever before. When i self – discovered the “ secret of weight loss “ I became thiner with no effort. I lost over 20 kilos within a period of 2 months.


What is then my secret?

Why i succeeded to lose weight?

The secret to lose weight is very simple:

You must consume the food that you need according to the kind of life you live and your daily activities.

The major mistake of obese people is that they consume food without taking into consideration the quality of food ingredients that their self needs. Because of this reason they tend to overeat in order to feel strong and satisfied.

Remember what we mentioned before?

The food is the medicine of the self. Would you ever take any kind of medicine unrelated to your personal illness? In the same way the food you consume must provide you with the substance and the ingredients which are neccesary for yourself.. Only then you will feel strong to eat less and provide yourself with less calories in order to lose weight.

There are two types of ingredients: The first type of ingredients helps the human body and the second assists the mind.

The ingredients who help the body are protein and iron, e.g. meat, milk, beans and the ones who help the mind are carbohydrates and sugar, e.g. bread, pasta, fruits, chocolate etc.

You must ask yourself what kind of energy you spend more daily (body or mental energy). If you know the answer then you know what ingredients your nutrition program must include daily.


In my case, the many hours in front of my computer and my family difficulties exhausted  my mind, therefore I included pasta in my diet daily because i needed carbonhydrates and sugar. I consumed other kinds of food too, however I included them in less amounts in my nutrition program. My menu included three meals of spaggheti and tomato sauce daily. I felt full and satisfied following the spaghetti diet, I didn’t have the need to look up for something else to eat. The calorie combination was the appropriate for me in order to lose weight.


Is This Type of Diet Unhealthy?

The question under is that this type of nutrition might be unhealthy or unbalanced and might not help ones metabolism. Generally speaking, even if some people do not support this type of diet, the matter of metabolism is not always legit. If you do not suffer from a serious illness which influences badly your metabolism when you are on diet, then the weight loss is safe when using the proposed diet mentioned above. What matters in order to lose weight is to gain less calories, anything else is irrelevant. Hold in mind that you need to keep a balance in your diet by including small amounts of all neccesary foods for your organism, otherwise you may suffer from vitamin deficiency.

If you still think that the above mentioned way of dieting is unhealthy and unbalanced then remember that your life is neither  healthy nor balanced. Humans were not created to survive in such competitive enviroment with so many responsibilities and high and/or unrealistic goals to meet. We have to adjust ourselves to difficult daily situations by taking appropriate measures. If you continue to believe in unrealistic methods without practical value then you might create a bigger problem in yourself instead of taking into consideration your real needs and deeply understand yourself.


Finally, I recommend a food for your diet, it is a popular and delicious red tea that can help your diet tremendously  by making you less hungry and burning your fat, you can find the recipes about it here: (aff link)


I highly suggest purchasing the recipes and try it out, I personally tried it and it worked well, also it is very delicious so I don’t force myself to drink it, I drink it because I like it, that’s the whole idea of my diet plan after all, “losing weight without sacrifice or struggle”. It will be a great supplement to your diet.

Have fun losing weight!

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