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All You Need To Know About Magnesium Oxide – Dosage, Benefits and Indication

Known to many as Magnesia or Magnesia Alba where alba stands for white is Magnesium Oxide. It is also known as Periclase in certain parts of the world.

Chemically every single molecule that is a smallest part of compound which again is mixture of different elements for that you will need to refer a Modern Periodic Table of course we aren’t going deep as it isn’t a Chemistry class refer long form if you actually want to, is formed by a single dual positive ion of magnesium and another single dual positive ion of oxygen. They both combine to give Magnesium Oxide or simply MgO .

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Magnesium Oxide

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Magnesia is a white odorless powder in industries it is used in refractory, for fireproofing. In construction works it’s used as it is fire resistance, moisture resistance and also provides a bit strength to the structure.

Now this was a short part of industrial part, let us discuss it with a view of our very own bodies. This article is only for informative purposes and do consult a practicing doctor before you try to attempt any of which is written.

It is a well researched article but somethings are intentionally skipped to make it for general readings and some things may have been missed. So before attempting to consult a practicing doctor.

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