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Gastronomic Trends of 2018

Annually in the culinary market there are new products and technologies for cooking and serving food, which are gaining popularity among gourmets-professionals and amateurs.

Want to be aware of the culinary trends of the new year? Then we will analyze the food trends of 2018 in more detail.

1) Flower dishes

If a few years ago, flowers were used in cooking as decorations, today dishes and drinks from edible inflorescences gradually enter the menu of fashionable institutions. Fried bulbs of lilies in sweet and sour sauce, jelly from violets, salads from dandelions and nasturtium – here are some examples of a flower menu this year.

2) Middle East and Far Eastern cuisine

Cooking of the Middle and The Far Easthas long found a place in the hearts of European gourmets. In 2018, spices, spices and condiments, as well as extreme recipes from Iran, Iraq, Israel,Syria, Morocco, China, Korea, the Philippines and others Asian countries continue to gain popularity.

3) Useful snacks

Number of supporters HLSand a balanced diet is growing rapidly. In place of the usual bread crackers and potato chips come useful snacks. Slices of vegetables and fruits cooked in the oven with a minimum of ingredients – a new hit in 2018. As with such a diet to supply the body with the necessary supply of nutrients and support it in tone? Useful snacks from Herbalife Nutrition will help to cope with a feeling of hunger and will fill up the energy reserve. Protein BarsFormula 1 Express for a long time will keep the feeling of satiety.

4) Sugar free

On the shelves of shops, we increasingly see products either with low sugar content, or without sugar at all – with the label “sugar free”. Sugar is easy to replace with natural ingredients with a high content of fructose. For example, from a syrup of dates, sorghum and a yakon, a sweet extract is extracted that contains fewer calories and is generally more useful for the body.

5) Breakfast 24 hours

We used to eat breakfast in the morning. However, in many places you can have breakfast now around the clock. Restaurateurs are sure that porridge, omelets and cottage cheese are good at any time of the day. However, experts do not recommend postponing the first meal until lunch. In the morning, a person needs to get 25% of the daily volume from the entire diet. To provide the body with a full range of macro- and micronutrients, breakfast fromHerbalifeNutrition. Two or three minutes – and it’s ready!

6) HLS

The sedentary image and sedentary work negatively affects digestion. This is the most common reason for weight gain. Since 2013, the number of Russians interested in sports and fitness has grown by 40%. Proper nutrition and active way of life in 2018 will become an integral companion of modern man.

In order to effectively conduct training, quickly restore strength after playing sports, and also maintain normal digestion, you must add to the daily diet of foods rich in protein and fiber. Protein products Herbalife Nutrition Formula 3 and Evening Cocktail will help provide the body with the required amount of protein, and Oat-Apple Drink is a complex of dietary fibers important for the proper functioning of the digestive system.

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