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To increase muscle mass is one of the most frequent tasks that clients of a fitness club put before themselves.

To increase muscle mass is one of the most frequent tasks that clients of a fitness club put before themselves. The increase in the volume of muscle fibers arises as an adaptive response of the organism in response to increasing physical loads. This is called muscle hypertrophy.

It is important to understand that weight gain and muscle hypertrophy are not synonymous. Rather, they are part of a single process. Just increasing weight can be achieved without sports equipment. Quite enough will be cutlery and a high-calorie diet.

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It has long been known the main factors that affect the development of muscle mass.

And here’s one of them: in order to achieve an increase in muscle mass, it is optimal to conduct strength training every 48 hours. Synthesis of protein in the body after strength training increases precisely for this period of time, after which it gradually comes to naught. So that not only can, but even need to give the load on the same muscle. Otherwise, the process of hypertrophy (growth) will slow down or stop altogether.

From this it follows that the system of training in the format of a weekly split, in which the muscular group is loaded only once a week, will not help to effectively gain muscle mass. For the growth of muscles to occur, a stimulating load is needed every 48 hours. What strength training should load all areas of the body at once.

If any muscle groups during training remain unworked, this can lead subsequently to muscle imbalance. At the same time, the rate of muscle mass build-up will noticeably decrease.

Only general training contributes to the very muscular hypertrophy that we are talking about. Of course, if we are talking about honest ways to achieve results.

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