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For a normal pregnancy, a woman needs physical activity. Doing sports strengthen muscles, improve blood circulation and help you learn the right breathing.

For a normal pregnancy, a woman needs physical activity. Doing sports strengthen muscles, improve blood circulation and help you learn the right breathing.

Many are afraid to exercise during pregnancy. However, a well-designed training program will teach you to relax different muscle groups. This will reduce the risk of complications during childbirth and subsequently help quickly recover.

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The ideal exercise option is simple physical activity of aerobic type. It can be walking, aqua aerobics, swimming, easy gymnastics and classes on a horizontal exercise bike. Yoga for pregnant women is especially popular . However, in the classroom it is necessary to monitor the pulse and arterial pressure.


Despite the fact that sports are recommended during pregnancy, there are still some restrictions. Contraindicated are the loads that are accompanied by lifting the goods, shaking the body, the risk of falling or bumping. It is better to refrain from mountaineering, equestrian sport, skis, wrestling and jumping in the water. Heavy intensive exercises lead to a delay in fetal development and premature birth.

If you have health problems, physical stress will only hurt you – there is a high probability of complications. Therefore, before taking part in sports during pregnancy, you should consult your doctor-gynecologist. He will determine the permissible level of physical activity.

Women who regularly exercised before pregnancy are allowed more intensive training than those who never exercised. However, in any case, the level of activity should be reduced by 20-30% compared to what was before pregnancy.

Another important factor that should be considered before the start of training is the gestational age. At different stages of the body feels the load in different ways and those exercises that are allowed in the second trimester, may cause harm in the early stages.


The first 13 weeks are the most critical period. At this time, the internal organs of the fetus are formed and the placenta is formed, through which the blood supply of the child is carried out. Therefore, a serious physical load and lifting heavy loads creates a threat of termination of pregnancy. Some gynecologists advise to refrain from activity. However, if you practiced sports before the conception of the child, you can continue training, reducing the intensity.

During the first trimester of pregnancy, a woman needs to practice respiratory gymnastics and perform simple exercises on the muscles of the legs and hands. Gradually increase the complexity of classes, avoid jerking and jumping.

Refrain from the exercises that affect the intra-abdominal pressure: training for the press and training on the simulators. Master slow breathing, which helps to relax the limitation. Perform exercises to strengthen the shoulder girdle and foot muscles.

Walking on site

March in place for one minute. Then move on your toes and heels. Perform 4 times. Such an exercise helps to stretch the ankle.


Exercise for coordination

On inhaling, simultaneously raise your left arm and right leg. At the exhalation, lower it. Then raise your right leg and your left arm. Perform 10-12 times.


Squat to the parallel with the floor as if sitting on a chair. Put your hands in the lock behind your back and take them back. Repeat 8-10 times.

Exercise “Cat”

Stand on all fours and head down. On exhalation, flex the lower back. Hold in this position for a couple of seconds. Exhale and round the back. Repeat 8-10 times.

Exercise for breathing

Stand up straight and keep your back straight. Consider yourself and take a deep breath on the fifth account, and on the seventh – exhale. Repeat 10 times.

Exercise on fitball

Sit on the fitball and spread your legs apart. Widely rotate the pelvis. Such an exercise well trains the back and the press.


From this period the placenta begins to function fully, the pregnancy stabilizes and the toxicosis passes. The second trimester is the safest time for training.

The complex of activities for pregnant women includes exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back, legs and the press. During this period, you can do sports walking, swimming, yoga, pilates and aerobics.


It’s very simple: make 8-10 attacks on each leg and carefully watch that between each knee was a right angle.

Woman doing lunges in a gym, crop


Exercise on a horizontal bar

Helps relax the muscles of the spine and relieve pain in the lower back. Choose a small height so that your toes touch the ground for safety. Hang on as you can and increase your time as you train.


During this period, the growing child limits the physical activity of the expectant mother. The body is quickly tired. The diaphragm is displaced under the pressure of the enlarged uterus and frequent dyspnea occurs. At this time, it is necessary to reduce the intensity of physical activity.

Do not stand up and lie on your back. Train at a slow pace and watch your health. Pay special attention to exercises that develop the skills necessary for childbirth. Train various types of breathing and the ability to relax the muscles of the hips.

Exercise on fitball

Sit on the fitball and pick up lightweight dumbbells weighing 1 kg. Bend and unbend your arms at the elbows. Repeat 8-10 times.


Exercise with the ball

Sit on the rug, cross your legs “in Turkish” and put the ball in front of you. Quickly squeeze it with your hands. This will work the pectoral muscles.

Exercise on the side

Lay down on your side and put a pillow under your stomach. Put your foot on the fitball and roll it in different directions, in a circle and sideways. Train each foot in turn for 3 minutes.

During the entire training, watch your health. As soon as you feel discomfort, pain or cramps in your stomach, stop immediately. Remember that your health is important.

At the Mango fitness club, our instructors will help you create an individual training plan  depending on your situation. Professional trainers will select the appropriate complex of exercises for you and will follow the safety precautions. Come to us and make sure!

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