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Honestly, I do not usually have much pleasure in lifting weights.

Honestly, I do not usually have much pleasure in lifting weights. This quickly gets boring, the whole body starts to ache, laziness and the desire to go home and wake up into the pillow wake up.

But everything changes when you begin to think that you overcome some internal obstacles. When you do not do anything for a long time, and then you come into the hall and hang on the bar 90 kg on the squat. So far, only this weight, but I’ll bring it up to 115-120 kilograms for a couple of weeks. I will not take it anymore, because I work exclusively without a belt. I need not only and not so much large legs, as a strong back. Thank you, Mango, that the coaches do not try to prove that they know better what I need, and take into account my Wishlist.

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By the way, if you can practice the day – then come to the hall on March 25. From 11 to 17 o’clock everyone can get free trainer’s consultations, participate in group sessions Abs + Bums , Stretch and Lady dance. Make a note!

What is your favorite exercise?

My – these are the most squats with a barbell.

For these three weeks I lost 3.5 kilograms, now I weigh 77 kg. It’s too early to show photos before and after, so I’ll leave the bar here. To achieve this result (and for me – this is already a good result), I stopped non-stop eating cookies and milkshakes, in training I do a lot of repetition for most of the exercises. But I still do some part in the power style – 10-12 times to failure, as with a squat.

This is how my diet looks now.

What more stuff like this?

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