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Why is it easier for men to lose weight?

Scientifically proven that it is easier for men to say goodbye to unwanted pounds than women.

Scientifically proven that it is easier for men to say goodbye to unwanted pounds than women. Even if you go to the gym together and adhere to a balanced diet, the successes of men lose weight will be more impressive. Where’s the justice? Why do the same methods work on a different gender principle? Let us examine these and other questions on the topic in detail in our article.

  1. The process of adjusting the weight in the male body really goes faster than in the female body .
    This depends, first of all, on the higher level of testosterone (its level in m

    Individuals are 5-7 times higher than women) and more muscle mass in men. Also, they have a much lower level of subcutaneous fat – this is the way nature is. That’s why, even with the same loads and consumed calories, men manage to lose weight easier and faster.

2- Male organism spends more calories to supply energy to muscles and other organs due to the larger body structure. Even if a woman and a man of the same height, the volume of muscle mass is greater in him, and lipid tissue – in her. Due to the presence of sex hormones – estrogen, the accumulation of fats in the body of a woman is more active and prevents an easy weight loss.
3- In the female body, many changes occur on a hormonal level monthly, which affects not only the unstable mood, but also the figure. For example, after giving birth, most actively gain weight, which then is very difficult to part with.
4- Another reason why men are easier to lose weight, are culinary preferences . They in their gastronomic preferences are mostly uncomfortable, can live a month on boiled buckwheat and chicken meat. Women are more likely to pull on sweets: butter, chocolate, flour products – a favorite delicacy of the fair sex. Fast carbohydrates, stored in all necessary and unnecessary places – the destiny of ladies, and a strong sex prefers mostly proteins and slow carbohydrates, necessary for active living.

5- Stress resistance, too, has a huge impact on excess weight . Women are more likely to experience emotional situations, most often by eating them with something from simple carbohydrates, like a piece of cake or chocolate bars. During the period of excitement, the body produces a hormone called cortisol, which retards water and promotes fat deposition. In the aggregate of these factors, the weight gain will quickly become apparent.

But gender differences are not a reason to say that women can not easily lose weight. With the right motivation and competent approach, the desired results will not be long in coming. A balanced, healthy diet and systematic exercise are a pledge of a slender, well-proportioned figure. Let the process of weight reduction in the fair sex does not proceed as fast as the representatives of the strong, the main thing is not to hurt your health.

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