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When can a run become a holiday?

In most trainings, running is used as cardio training and additional body load between other exercises.

Since I started doing crossfit almost 7 years ago, I sometimes do and say some crazy things. But one of the strangest cases occurred the other day, when I explained to my colleague about the cross-training that we did the day before. These were two 800 meter races, 50 sit-ups and 15 deadlifts. It was not a crazy exercise. I without a back thought said: “Run was pleasant, because I used it as a rest.” At that moment, I did not even think about my words.

He looked at me like an abnormal.

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The funny thing was that I was not joking in any way. I explained to him that the program, with a distance of half a mile jogging in the middle of training, was perfect, because I was able to rest a little … while running.

This could not be imagined when I started crossfiting in 2010. Then I did not think that I could run two distances of 800 meters and do something after or between them. For me, running more for a distance of 5 or 10 meters during a game of football was the ultimate cardio training.

I think it’s great that now I’m using a small jog in the middle of a day’s workout to think and distract. Obviously, the running component is an essential part of some werewolves, such as Murph or Helen. But during short training, especially for those with fewer than five rounds, 400 meters of races help me shake, and my hands – rest for exercises with a barbell.

You can not only swallow some fresh air, but also rest to regain your strength, stretch your legs and back while you run.

In most workouts, running is used as cardio training of your body between other exercises. You should always try to overcome yourself as much as possible, when you run the running part, and accelerate to achieve the best result. It is also important to know when there will be a running part in the metronome – at the beginning, in the middle or at the end. If you are able to watch the race as a break or a rest, it will make the whole workout more simple and continuous.

In addition, the small running part of your workout is not as physically exhausting for your legs as rowing.

How do you look at running in your workouts? For you it’s a chance to relax and distract, or after a race, you lose the desire to train?

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