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How Is Calcium Hydroxide Used In Dentistry?

Have an excruciatingly bad toothache or waiting to get root canalling done for the infected tooth? Thanks to dentists, one no longer has to go through all that by themselves.

Consulting a dentist and having regular dental checkups for being updated on the oral health. It can even be noticing minor problems that can save one from a lot of trouble in the future.

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But having knowledge about one’s oral health is not just enough. Apart from that, one must also know about the medicaments used for dental treatments. Especially, if one is planning to get the procedure of root canalling done.

Calcium Hydroxide Used In Dentistry

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An important and widely used medicament in the history of endodontic therapy is Calcium Hydroxide. An inorganic compound and alkaline in nature, the chemical formulation of the substance is Ca (OH)2 .

One of the reasons it is widely used in dentistry is because of its biomedical compatibility and anti-endotoxin properties.

Below mentioned are some of the clinical applications of Calcium Hydroxide. These would investigate why it has been widely used in the medical field of endodontics.<

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