“Bleeding” triceps: 5 effective exercises

When you look at the athlete’s hands, whether male or female, then first of all pay attention to the size of the biceps. This is due to the fact that the old approach of the school of bodybuilding has formed in us a persistent stereotype, according to which the strength of the athlete is determined by the size of his biceps.

When we are posing for a photo and want to show how strong we are, what do we usually do? We strain our biceps. But did you know that we focus not on those muscles! The human arm contains 23 muscles or muscle groups (not including the shoulder muscles), and the volume of the biceps is 3 times less than the volume of the other important muscles of the arm – the triceps. Below you will find 5 exercises, with which you can develop triceps and strengthen the shoulders. These exercises will make you stronger and improve overall sports training.

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Push-ups on rings

Push-ups on the rings are almost exclusively aimed at the development of triceps. Olympic weightlifters regularly include them in their training programs as an auxiliary exercise. Perform an emphasis with your hands on the rings, your hands should be fully straightened, knees bent, and the legs do not touch the ground. Bend your arms and lower your body until the rings are at the level of your armpits. The chest should be slightly tilted forward. After descending, start the powerful movement upwards to return to the starting position.

Implementation options:

Push-ups on rings with their own weight will help you get used to keep the correct spatial position of the body and strengthen your shoulders. For push-ups with weight, put on a weighted waistcoat or hold dumbbells between your legs. Gradually increase the weight until you can perform no more than 15-20 repetitions. For heavy weight, belts are used that are attached to the waist.

Push-ups from the bench (photo at the beginning of the article)

Put a bench on the floor , turn your back to it and sit on it, grasping your hands by the edges (hands should be located near the body). Straighten your legs and move forward so that you rely on the bench with your hands only. The further you pull your legs, the more difficult the exercise will be. Bend your arms and go down as far as possible (the back moves perpendicular to the bench). Return to the starting position by straightening your hands.

Implementation Options

For those who can not perform push-ups from the bench with fully extended legs, it is necessary to put the feet in the immediate vicinity of the bench. This will help your triceps to raise the body during push-ups.

To complicate the task, place your feet on a raised surface. This will increase the load on the triceps during push-ups. To further complicate the task, put the weight on the hips.

Press lying narrow grip

With bench press, the load on the triceps is greater than with the bench press.

Perform the bench press using a much narrower grip than usual. Try different grasp widths, until you pick up the one at which your wrists will not be strained. Raise the bar from the stand and lower it down until it touches the bottom of the chest. To return to the starting position, push the bar up, elbows move back under the bar, ensuring the correct trajectory of the rod.

Body lifting

Accept the position of the “bar”, only this time you will not rest on the floor in the palm of your hand, like for push-ups, but on your forearm. Put your palms on the floor and tear the body from the ground, keeping it straight. Lower your forearm back to the ground.

Press dumbbell for triceps in slope

Take the dumbbell in one hand with the palm inward. Slightly bend your knees and lean forward so that your back is parallel to the floor. Keep your back straight. If you need additional support, place your free hand on any surface.

Move the
dumbbell backward 90 degrees, then
lower it, the shoulder must be
still (only the forearm moves).
Repeat this exercise for each

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