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Beginners are wondering – with what exercises to begin training?

Beginners are wondering – with what exercises to begin training? We answer: from those that use the maximum possible number of muscles – multi-joint or basic. It is the “base” that helps to gain muscle mass and increase strength. Based on these exercises, any training program is built.


Highlight the “golden troika” of basic exercises:

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  1. Bench press.
  2. Stanovoyu pull.
  3. Squats with a barbell .

In the complex, these exercises allow you to work out the largest muscle layers: the humeral girdle, back and legs. They are based on the entire training process, they lay the foundation for future muscle volumes.


Beginners at the gym often ignore basic fitness exercises and pay more attention to the insulating. The latter study a specific group of muscles, so to increase the volume it is more efficient to perform the “base”. To emphasize the isolating ones you need later to give the muscles relief.

For the growth of muscles, progress in workers is important, and not maximum weights. Basic exercises involve up to 70% of the muscle groups of the body. The organism is uncomfortable when it is so loaded, and it includes in response protective and compensatory mechanisms that trigger the growth of muscle mass.

Moreover, the muscles grow not locally, as in isolated exercises, but in a complex manner. All the layers are trained, not just the biceps or triceps.


  1. The entire muscular mass is comprehensively treated, all body systems are trained.
  2. Anabolic ( testosterone ) and corticosteroid hormones ( growth hormone ) are thrown into the bloodstream .
  3. More nutrients are consumed, which means that more fat cells are burned.
  4. The coordination of movements is sharpened.
  5. The level of hormones of happiness rises, the mood improves.
  6. The metabolism is accelerated, the aging mechanisms are slowed down.
  7. The movements correspond to the anatomy of the osteoarticular system of man, therefore the risk factor during the exercise is minimized.
  8. A lot of energy is consumed, since several muscle groups, distributing the load among themselves, work at once.
  9. The ligamentous and articular apparatus is strengthened, as a result of which the muscles grow faster.


Unthinking performance of exercises on an unprepared organism can not give results or at all to do much harm. To the effort was not in vain, you need to put the technique correctly. To compile an optimal training program with the right combination of exercises, it is advisable to consult the trainer .

Also do not forget: to achieve the maximum result, it is worth combining the workouts with proper nutrition . With an integrated approach, the effect will not be long in coming.


It is optimal to conduct the Full Body training with the involvement of the main muscle groups at the first time. We recommend newcomers to stick to the circular format of classes according to the following scheme.

Circular format

  1. Squats.
  2. “Army” bench press standing.
  3. Pulling up. If you find it difficult to pull yourself up, we recommend using a gravitron. He will allow to correctly put the technique of pull-ups.
  4. Hyperextension. The necessity of using additional weights is determined individually.
  5. Raising the legs in the vise or rest on the forearms in the simulator. It is advisable to start with the lifting of the legs, bent at the knees.

Working approaches are best repeated 12-15 times. Without refusal. If you are a beginner, rest between exercises for up to two minutes. Between the circles, the break should be no more than 3-4 minutes.

During one workout, the number of circles with work approaches may vary, but at the first stages there should be at least two.

Warm up

Knead all joints before each workout. perform lightweight exercises that will meet in further training. Use minimum weight or even give it up.

If the interval between warm-up and working weight is large, conduct another warm-up circuit with a load of 75% of the working weight. Eliminate exercises without burden.

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