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What can not be done without, if you are firmly on the path of a healthy lifestyle?

What can not be done without, if you are firmly on the path of a healthy lifestyle? Fitness trainers and nutritionists from around the world are in solidarity with each other – first of all you need to understand what diet diary is and how to properly conduct it. Let’s figure out why women are so important balanced nutrition, why make a menu every day and how it will affect the achievement of set goals – for example, losing weight.


The term “correct balanced diet” implies a combination of food, which makes up a daily diet and ensures the intake of the optimum amount of nutrients in the body.

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At the heart of a full and healthy diet are 2 key factors:

  • Regularity of food intake.
  • Control of the intake of the desired ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

It is important to understand, due to which nutrients the total caloric content of the daily ration is formed. The amount of carbohydrates and proteins should exceed the intake of fat.

You can keep a diary of rational nutrition both independently and with the help of a personal trainer or a nutritionist.

The second option is more preferable – a specialist will analyze your physiology, take into account the goals, medical indications and your personal eating habits. At the output you will receive an individual menu with recommendations, as it can be further developed and adjusted. After that, you can keep a diary yourself, as you will understand how many calories your body needs specifically and what should be the balance of nutrients in the diets.

The balanced diet menu for women, 1 day

The goal is to reduce weight and subcutaneous fat while maintaining muscle tissue.

Time Name Weight (gr) Calories Proteins Carbohydrates Fats
9am Oatmeal porridge 280 289 8 57 5
Kiwi 85 41 1 9 1
11:00 Natural yoghurt 2% 100 60 4 6th 2
14:00 Steam Omelette 100 184 10 2 5
Broccoli 100 28 3 5 0
5pm Soup (vegetable) 150 65 3 9 3
Chicken fillet 100 113 24 5 2
9pm Low-fat curds 0.5% 150 90 27th 3 1
Daily number of calories 1065 869 79 96 29
Grams per 1 kg of body weight     1.3 1.6 0.5
Percentage     36% 44% thirty%***


It is important that the amount of animal fats is not excessive. However, in this example, a couple omelet provides the daily needs of the body for lipids. The remaining part of the fat component (except for a small amount in the chicken fillet) is vegetable fats. If you increase their daily intake, there will be no harm to the body.

Remember that each of us is unique. Therefore do not neglect the reference to a specialist. He will tell you how to properly balance nutrition, and you will achieve the goals much faster.

Weight loss is a matter that is not solved in a day. Fanaticism and ill-considered diets in the long term can lead to problems in various body systems. Adaption to a balanced diet is gradual, so do not rush and be systemic. Then you are guaranteed to get a stable and long-term result.

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