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How to make lunges back and forth with dumbbells in the right hands ?

“How to make lunges back and forth with dumbbells in the right hands?” – this question sets many beginners in fitness. Each of us at least once, but tried to do this exercise without burdening. Perhaps, even in physical education classes at school or on gymnastics in the camp.

Under the sonorous voice of the teacher, we performed 10-15 repetitions for several sets in a row and did not get tired at all. However, the very next day after such training, the muscles of the legs and buttocks declared themselves so that climbing the stairs and simply moving was a real test. This illustrative example proves that even lunges with their own body weight load well and effectively pump the muscles of the lower limbs.

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Lungs – the basic part of any fitness program, which is responsible for the force load on the quadriceps (quadriceps) and biceps femoris, the gluteus, calf and soleus muscles (see photo). Exercise also involves the hamstrings, the extensor muscles of the spine and the press.

Impairment refers to the type of coordinated training. Such complex muscular work develops not only strength, but also endurance. To balance with each new approach becomes more difficult. This is especially true for those who rarely go in for sports.

Carrying out the exercise regularly, you will notice how quickly your physical form will change: the legs will become both strong and slender, and the buttocks will be embossed and elastic.


In order for the result of the training to become more and more perceptible, it is first important to learn the technique of exercise without burdening, and then gradually move on to using sports equipment – dumbbells, barbells or weights.

Classic forward attacks

Place your hands on your waist, and your legs are a bit narrower than the width of your shoulders, so as not to lose balance and stability during the exercise. Take a step forward by placing your front foot on the floor and bending it in the knee to the right angle. Do not touch the knee of the floor. Do not lean on him. The hind leg should stand on the toe, and the heel should be raised. Keep your back straight upright, without bending or bending. Then go back to the starting position, pushing off with the front foot. When descending, inhale, while exhaling, exhale.

Depending on the depth of the step, the load on different muscle groups varies. For example, attacks for a short step more pump the quadriceps than the gluteus muscle, and attacks on a long step act the other way round.

Back attacks (back attacks)

Back attacks are different from the classic direction of movement, so they otherwise distribute the physical load to the muscles of the legs and buttocks. Many athletes alternate both versions of this exercise.

So, to make the attacks back, stand exactly on the width of the pelvis. To maintain balance, put your hands on your waist. Then, with inspiration, take the supporting leg back to the toe, making a squat on the working leg. Keep the case straight, do not bend over and do not bend. Hands on the belt will help maintain balance. The knee and toe should be on the same line and form an angle of 90 °. At the lowest point, you will feel the stretching of the back surface of the thigh of the working leg. Now, on exhalation, go up, pushing away from the floor with a working foot.

Learn how to do attacks back, you also can from the video.



Backstroke with dumbbells

Back attacks with burdens are intended for trained athletes with a good stretch, as well as people ready for increased power loads.

Take the starting position: stand up straight and take one dumbbell in each hand. Keep the body straight and from this position on inhalation make a backstab – a wide step back. Remember: you can not touch the knee of the floor, both legs in the bend should form an angle of 90 °. On exhalation, pushing the foot off the floor, return to the starting position.

If you want to pump the quadriceps muscle of the hip, push off with the nose, if the gluteal muscles – then the heel. Dumbbells increase the muscular load on the humerus and the muscles of the hands: they effectively work on their relief.

The video below shows the technique of performing back attacks with dumbbells.

Backdrops with the barbell

The exercise is done as the previous one. Only dumbbells are replaced with a barbell, adopted on the trapezoid. Back attacks with the bar equally distribute the load, strengthening, in addition to the quadriceps and the gluteus maximus, the press and oblique muscles of the back.


Backfalls from the step-platform

Another way to diversify the exercise. Step-platform will help to make a deeper attack and work out the muscles of the buttocks more efficiently.

Stand with both feet on the step-platform and straighten up. Lunge, focusing the weight of the body in the heel of the front leg. Hold in this position and with the effort of the quadriceps muscle of the front leg, return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise on the other leg.

The video shows how to make back attacks from the step-platform.

Backstabbing back with weights in two hands

The technique of the exercise coincides with the previous variants of attacks. Here weights serve as weights.

Take in each hand a dumbbell. One hand with the weight pull up above him, the other – place on the foreleg. Straighten and kick back. Go downstairs. Do not touch the knee of the rear floor foot. With the front leg, return to the starting position. The hind leg will help balance. Repeat the exercise on the other leg.

In this video, I show how you can make back attacks with kettlebells.


Before you start the attacks, you need to bring the muscles into tonus. They will become elastic if you perform a warm-up and stretch well.

The main load for classic attacks forward and back falls on the knee joint of the working leg. Do not make attacks if you have problems with your knees. First, consult a doctor.

When performing attacks with weights (dumbbells, barbells, weights), you can damage the lumbar spine. Be careful, strictly follow the technique of the exercise.

Recommendations for the number of repetitions

In the theory of fitness there is the following system of repetition of attacks:

  • For beginners – 8 times for 3 approaches.
  • Athletes with good physical training – 12 times for 4 approaches.
  • To athletes – 15 times for 4 approaches.


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