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    5 drinks that help reduce hunger

    Not everyone can control appetite. Often, the desire to eat another piece of something tasty appears after a dense dinner after half an hour.

    The feeling of hunger especially during the cold season persists throughout the day, and it does not always suppress it.

    To ensure that frequent snacks are not delayed by extra centimeters at the waist, for everyone who wants to say goodbye to unwanted pounds, we have prepared 5 recipes for drinks that will help reduce the feeling of hunger between basic meals. Keep yourself in shape without exhausting diets – not a myth, the main thing is to competently approach the issue.

    1. Compote without adding sugar

    To prepare the drink you will need any berries and fruits to taste: raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, apples, you can also use dried fruits or frozen foods.

    Cook compote is recommended no longer than 10 minutes to preserve the vitamin and mineral composition of the ingredients. Preparing a drink without the addition of sugar, so this drink is stored in the refrigerator for no more than 3 days.

    To give the drink a spicy note and enhance the taste, you can add cinnamon, cloves or other spices at will. Spices and condiments are low in calorie and do not harm the figure.

    Such compote will cut off the appetite, saturate the body with vitamins, improve digestion and remove slag and uric acid from the body.

    2. Drink with lemon and honey

    When the appetite spreads on the sweet, sugar products, this drink will serve as the first aid in satisfying the body’s need for sweet.

    In such a drink you can add cinnamon, cardamom, mint, rosemary or nutmeg. These spices accelerate metabolism and improve digestion and metabolism. A couple of slices of lemon, a teaspoon of honey and spices to taste mix with a glass of warm water (not boiling water), so that the ingredients do not lose their nutritional properties.

    Also this drink is suitable as an aromatherapy – the smell of lemon, honey and spices raises the mood.

    3. Sour-milk products


    It is not necessary to prepare such a drink. It is enough to buy low-fat kefir or other low-calorie sour-milk product. Such products will help not to quench the feeling of hunger, but also to cleanse the body.

    Dairy products, getting into the stomach, have the property to curtail, which will allow you to take your stomach and distract yourself from the desire to have a snack.

    4. Protein cocktail Formula 1 Herbalife

    Only 92 calories per serving when preparing a cocktail on water (or 217 kcal when cooking with 250 ml of skim milk). Protein cocktail Formula 1 is easy and quick to prepare and is presented in 9 tastes.

    In the cocktail you can add 1 apple or half a banana, berries or flakes of oatmeal. Drink can be used as a useful snack or a full meal, such as breakfast or snack.

    5. Ginger Drink

    Drinks and ginger root products are a great success among those who want to lose weight. Ginger stimulates metabolic processes, accelerates metabolism and improves digestion.

    To make a ginger drink, you need 3-5 cm of ginger root, add half a lemon or lemon zest and a sprig of mint to taste.

    Ginger root grind on a grater, add lemon juice or zest, pour 500 ml of cold water and simmer for 10-15 minutes. Let it brew for 10 minutes, then strain.

    Ginger drink can be drunk both independently and by adding to tea or diluting with water. Drinking a ginger drink half an hour before meals, you will reduce your appetite and you will need a smaller portion of the usual.

    To satisfy the hunger without eating any crumbs is possible if you include in your daily diet one of five drinks that help control your appetite.

    Easy to prepare recipes will solve the problem of overeating and will reduce the number of calories consumed per day.

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    How to eat to lose weight belly

    Everyone dreams about a flat, beautiful belly. But the desired result in the fight against the problems of this zone without an integrated approach is not achieved!

    In order to remove excess centimeters from the waist, and in their place the long-awaited relief of muscles was displayed, it would be necessary not only to swing the press, but also to adhere to proper nutrition. Locally drive fat only from the stomach will not work, so in the process of working on this area, you get a nice bonus – the tone of the whole body and a reduction in the total mass.

    The basis for adjusting nutrition for a flat stomach is the complete exclusion of sweet, bakery products and fatty foods from the diet. Sweet girls and lovers of daily pampering themselves with desserts will not be easy. It is better to replace usual sweets with fresh fruits, berries or dried fruits. Also, as an alternative, dark bitter chocolate or low-fat cottage cheese with honey is suitable.

    Try to eat the fruit separately from the main dishes to avoid their fermentation in the stomach. Meat and fish dishes cook for a couple or stew. For garnish, meat, fish or poultry is best served with stewed, boiled or baked vegetables.

    If you are serious about working on a figure, include in your diet more cereal food and vegetables . Due to the high content of fiber, such products purify the intestines, remove toxins and toxins from the body, normalize digestion and promote a sense of satiety for a long time. Also include in the menu products with a negative caloric content. If you eat a whole plate of cucumber salad, tomatoes, steamed asparagus, greens and radish with lemon juice for dinner, your waist will not suffer from this.

    Drink more water. A plentiful daily drink of plain water will help not only to cleanse the body, but also to get rid of unwanted pounds. In addition to simple water, to bring yourself closer to the goal of becoming a slender belly, you can use smoothies and compotes without sugar, herbal tea with ginger and lemon, freshly squeezed juices.

    If you have a juicer, then make daily delicious and healthy freshly squeezed juices from carrots, pumpkins, apples, beets, orange and lemon. Such juices will help get rid of extra pounds and due to its rich vitamin and mineral composition, strengthen the body’s protective functions.

    In order to lose weight belly, stick to the fractional food. Eat 5-6 times a day in small portions of 200-300 grams. every 2-3 hours after the onset of hunger. Before full saturation and oversaturation, you do not need to eat. An easy feeling of hunger should remain after every meal. Consider that satiety comes in 15-20 minutes after eating. Due to this nutrition the stomach will gradually narrow down and eventually the usual sizes of portions will decrease significantly.

    Do not forget about systematic training . In complex, your efforts will bring you the desired result, which you can maintain and even improve over time. Proper nutrition will become a habit and will allow you to get rid of extra centimeters not only in the abdominal area. Formula 2 was developed under conditions of strict quality control and under the supervision of independent experts.

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    How to prepare for weight loss

    The process of weight loss is not only limiting yourself to daily caloric intake.

    To effectively say goodbye to unwanted kilograms and fix the result for a long time, it is necessary to switch to a correct, balanced diet and systematically perform physical activities.

    Go to a healthy lifestyle the first time, painless for the body and moral status is not under the power of everyone. If you are used to desserts, do not deny yourself fatty and fried foods and frequent snacks fast-food, then rebuilding your diet without proper preparation will be psychologically difficult. But nothing is impossible! The main thing is that the desire to lose weight is stronger than gastronomic whims.

    So, you are determined to lose weight! To avoid losing weight during the process of losing weight and not letting all the efforts go wrong, you need to prepare the body in advance for the upcoming changes. How to prepare for weight loss correctly, so as not to harm the body and not return back the departed kilograms?

    A few simple tips will help you become the owner of slender forms

    1- Say no to debilitating diets. To change the diet should not be cardinally, but correctly. Instead of sharply move to kefir diet to lose a few weeks, a couple of kilos, and then – to collect them back in a week, eliminate from the diet of fatty, fried, salty, spicy, sweet and sugary foods. Include in the habitual menu more fresh fruits and vegetables, start eating small portions 5-6 times a day and the first results will not be long in coming.

    To satisfy the hunger for a long time, as a snack, use a protein cocktailFormula 1 Herbalife. A total of not more than 99 kcal per serving when preparing a cocktail on water (or no more (to be counted taking into account 99 kcal) when cooking with 250 ml of skim milk). Eat a fresh apple 20-30 minutes before a meal, this will allow you to eat 15% less of your usual portion due to the high content of apple fiber and water.

    2- If you can not completely abandon the sweet, then dark chocolate is the best decision for you ! Bitter and dark chocolate  can be eaten every day in moderate amounts, no more than 20 grams per day, this delicacy does not hurt the figure. Also, dark chocolate is good Health: improves circulation and stimulates brain function.

    3- Drink as much as ordinary water a day . A glass of water after sleep helps to start the metabolic processes of the body, before going to bed – it helps to relieve fatigue and fall asleep more quickly. Half an hour before a meal, drink 1 glass of water, this will improve the work of the digestive tract.

    4- Increase physical activity gradually  . Start with a daily walk half an hour walk fast pace, in the morning after sleep, start doing exercises: a couple of systemic exercises will help prepare the body for further enhanced training, and the muscles get used to the loads.

    With the right balanced diet and systematic training, you will not only lose weight, but also support the protective functions of the body. Before weight loss, start taking multivitamins andOmega-3 fatty acids for the normalization of fat metabolism and the replenishment of the supply of nutrients before adjusting the diet. Vitamins and minerals positively affect the mental state, the background of which can also change during weight loss.

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    What is paleo-diet?

    Diet is not always an exhausting starvation or strict limitation of yourself in almost all foods, except 1% ​​of kefir.

    Diet is a ration formed in this way, in which the body receives the maximum amount of nutrients and vitamins without harm to the figure. Such diets includepaleo-diet. Paleo-diet is a diet of balanced nutrition, in which without stress for the body and fasting can effectively get rid of excess weight.

    The idea of ​​paleo-nutrition is to stick to the diet only from simple, affordable products. In the Paleolithic era, man’s ancestors procured food by hunting and collecting plant food. At the same time they had excellent physical health, differed in strength and endurance and did not suffer from excess weight. It is the simplified diet of our ancestors that formed the basis paleo-diet.

    The main principles of nutrition of this diet are:

    • in the complete elimination of fast carbohydrates and reduced intake of carbohydrates in general;
    • refusal of refined products;
    • in the use of simple products that would be accessible to a primitive person, without the feeling of overeating after a meal;
    • in the addiction of the body to the fact that food takes place only when there is a strong sense of hunger.

    The daily menu should include natural food, not processed, not frozen, not greenhouse, not canned. Fresh products, cooked practically without spices and seasonings for steaming or in the oven. Transfiguration of the body and the body will not keep you waiting, if the diet will consist of lean protein foods (lean meat, poultry, fish), fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, mushrooms, herbs, roots and berries.

    The paleo-diet is distinguished by its high caloric content. This ensures the preservation of the result of the diet for a long time. The body will get a healthy balanced diet without counting calories and starvation. Only the excesses in the menu will have to be abolished.

    This diet is suitable for those who are actively involved in sports and who need to consume more calories to maintain the body’s strength, as well as protein for weight gain and recovery after training. If you decide to go to the paleo-diet, then you need to do this gradually. Start by removing carbohydrates and semi-finished foods from the diet. After that, eliminate the dairy products, legumes and fatty grades of meat, poultry, fish.

    In the paleo-diet can also include a protein cocktail Formula 1 Herbalife. A drink prepared on the water contains only 95 kcal and enough protein to keep the appetite under control. You can prepare a cocktail with the addition of fruits and vegetables to taste.

    If you are determined to change your life and body, to switch to a balanced diet and an active lifestyle, then Herbalife products will perfectly complement your diet.

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    What do we know about fat burners?

    Embossed bodies of bodybuilders are not only the result of constant training and balanced nutrition.

    Athletes to achieve a quick result often resort to the help of fat burners and additives to increase muscle mass. The process of weight loss and muscle strengthening is time-consuming and time-consuming. To significantly shorten the period of achieving the dream figure, many also use synthetic or natural fat burners.

    What are fat burners and how do they work? These are products that help the body in the process of losing weight. With proper nutrition, compliance with drinking balance and systematic exercise, fat burners will shorten the time to reach the cherished goal. They are divided into natural (vegetable or animal origin) and synthetic (biological supplements to food, sports nutrition – thermogenetics).

    Natural fat burners are natural foods that split fat cells due to their natural properties and characteristics. Their use contributes primarily to the purification of the body and prevents the accumulation of toxins and toxins, due to which the effect of reducing the percentage of fat in the body is achieved. Such products are slower and not as pronounced as synthetic ones.

    The natural fat burners include:

    • foods high in caffeine and tianin (green tea, coffee) without sugar;
    • fat-free or low-fat content sour-milk products: kefir, sourdough, natural yoghurt without additives and milk;
    • citrus fruits: mandarin, grapefruit, lemon;
    • some fruits and berries: pineapple, raspberry, strawberry, watermelon;
    • vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant and other vegetables with a high water content;
    • sea ​​kale;
    • spices and seasonings: red and black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, cloves and others, except salt.

    Synthetic fat burners are divided into sports nutrition and dietary supplements. Such fat burners are made from natural raw materials and have no side effects. Sports nutrition acts as an energetic: it speeds up the metabolism and dulls the feeling of hunger.

    The composition of thermogenetics includes caffeine, taurine, guarana, choline and fruit acids. Drink such products usually on an empty stomach, immediately before or during training. Supplements enhance the effect of fat burning by accelerating metabolism and balancing metabolism. The substances entering the body are correctly and evenly distributed, do not linger and do not accumulate in the problem areas with the fatty layer. Take such fat burners for longer than a month is not recommended, there are contraindications.

    With the task of supporting the body when losing weight, the product of Thermo Compllyt from Herbalife , due to the caffeine content, which is able to increase metabolism and give a sensation of energy flow , will perfectly cope . Termo Komplit is a new generation product designed to optimize the process of weight loss.

    The main task of Termo Koplit : support of mental activity and concentration, stimulation of energy surges , as well as provision of temporary acceleration of metabolism. Thermo Complete contains a special blend of herbal ingredients, cocoa extract, green tea extract, mate extract, cinnamon powder, celery seeds, parsley leaf powder, alfalfa powder, fennel powder, and licorice powder.

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    We’re losing weight since the new year

    To clean the body after a gastronomic vacation and get into shape, you need to follow the simple rules of post-New Year feasts.

    Recommendation No. 1: Stick to a healthy lifestyle.

    • Switch to a balanced diet : eat at least 5 times a day in small portions, snacks between meals should include only useful, low-calorie foods, for example, fruit, a protein cocktail Formula 1 or a protein bar from Herbalife.
    • Eat slowly, chewing food carefully. This will facilitate the process of digestion, will help prevent overweight gain. With the slow absorption of food, hormones are produced that are responsible for saturation of the body already in half of the usual portion of food.
    • Refuse bad habits: consumption of fast food, snack buns and sweets and especially from the reception of alcoholic beverages, since alcohol is one of the most high-calorie foods.
    • Rich in fiber and dairy products are recommended to include in the diet in the morning. Eating these foods before lunch, your stomach will adjust to the correct work for the whole day. Do not forget about the importance and necessity of a healthy breakfast, accelerating the metabolism after sleep and replenishing the supply of nutrients in the body. In addition, it provides a feeling of satiety for a long time.
    • Replace harmful products with useful ones. If you are a sweet tooth, then instead of milk chocolate, eat a dark tile with a content of cocoa beans of at least 75% and less sugar. Sweets substitute muesli with dried fruit or bars, and fizzy drinks – herbal, ordinary drinking water or a drink based on scarlet from Herbalife.
    • Avoid high-calorie spices with glutamate and fatty sauces: for example, replace mayonnaise with cold pressed oil, salt -fat spices.
    • Drink plenty of clean water. Water perfectly helps to remove toxins and toxins from the body, thereby purifying it. A glass of water before eating will help you not to eat too much and speed up the metabolism.

    Recommendation number 2: Less worry and do more sports.

    Due to chronic stress and prolonged depressions, due to frequent overeating, we gain weight. High-calorie foods really help us cope with stress by stimulating the production of the hormone of happiness – serotonin. This help is temporary and entails a feeling of guilt for overeating and discontent with their forms, which further drives depressed.

    Fight with a bad mood and a seasonal spell will help sports training . Systematic physical activity contributes to the development of hormones of happiness no worse than eaten eclairs or a box of chocolates. Benefits from them will be more, and the results will be reflected on your body by the relief of muscles, and not by extra centimeters.

    Recommendation number 3: Use protein products.

    Protein is the basic building material of the human body, which provides the body with the right metabolism and participates in the process of assimilation of fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. But its main advantage for those who want to lose weight is that the consumption of protein-rich foods provides a feeling of satiety for a long time. This does not allow us to overeat and reduce the amount of calories consumed. It is recommended to include in the diet more products containing protein: lean meat, poultry, lean fish, skimmed dairy products.

    As snacks or a substitute for breakfast or dinner, protein cocktails and Herbalife protein bars are perfect. Protein cocktail Formula 1 is light and quick to prepare and is presented in 10 flavors. In a cocktail you can add 1 apple or half a banana, berries or flakes of oatmeal to taste. You can order products by clicking on the link.

    Recommendation number 4: Keep a diary.

    Specialists also advise to keep a diary of a losing weight , record its achievements in it and periodically take pictures “before” and “after”. This approach allows us to strengthen self-discipline, notice changes even after a few days and thereby increase our own motivation.

    Dare and you will succeed!

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    How to choose a smart balance?

    It is impossible to imagine the process of losing weight without weights. The daily ritual of any weight loss is the morning weighing and comparison of the results. In order to make the right choice in favor of this or that model, we will understand what the “smart” scales are and what functions they should have.

    Modern measuring instruments not only show weight up to grams, but also determine the mass of fat and bone tissue, and also can additionally analyze the volume of muscle mass and the level of hydration (water content in the body).

    Smart are called scales, which are able to synchronize with your smartphone via wi-fi or bluetooth. Bluetooth-scales are synchronized with the smartphone and transmit the indicators to compose dynamics. They will be useful for those who want to lose weight and carefully control the process. Scales-analyzers are more informative, they provide data of bio-impedance analysis, namely:

    • body weight;
    • body mass index;
    • muscle mass;
    • the fat content in the body (in percent);
    • visceral fat;
    • water content in the body (in percent);
    • bone mass;
    • level of basal metabolism (BMR);
    • biological age;
    • body type.

    The measuring device sends a weak electrical impulse, which after passing through the human body is subjected to analysis. Bones, muscles, fat and water have a unique resistance, which makes it possible to isolate and measure each component.

    Such a study provides an objective assessment of all body indices, identifies possible deviations with subsequent correction by exercise therapy and diet. Information is stored in the cloud storage available in a special application for smartphones and tablets, on the screens of which graphs for each indicator are displayed. If you need a detailed analysis of the dynamics of weight loss, then the scales-analyzers – what you need! To choose a model of such scales, determine which indicators you need. Based on the functions of an intelligent helper and cost (prices vary from a few hundred to several thousand rubles), make a decision.

    A balanced balanced diet and sport are the two main components for achieving the desired mark on the scales. To pass bio impedance testing and get individual recommendations for an optimal diet will help a healthy lifestyle consultant Herbalife Nutrition.

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    Gastronomic Trends of 2018

    Want to be aware of the culinary trends of the new year? Then we will analyze the food trends of 2018 in more detail.

    1) Flower dishes

    If a few years ago, flowers were used in cooking as decorations, today dishes and drinks from edible inflorescences gradually enter the menu of fashionable institutions. Fried bulbs of lilies in sweet and sour sauce, jelly from violets, salads from dandelions and nasturtium – here are some examples of a flower menu this year.

    2) Middle East and Far Eastern cuisine

    Cooking of the Middle and The Far Easthas long found a place in the hearts of European gourmets. In 2018, spices, spices and condiments, as well as extreme recipes from Iran, Iraq, Israel,Syria, Morocco, China, Korea, the Philippines and others Asian countries continue to gain popularity.

    3) Useful snacks

    Number of supporters HLSand a balanced diet is growing rapidly. In place of the usual bread crackers and potato chips come useful snacks. Slices of vegetables and fruits cooked in the oven with a minimum of ingredients – a new hit in 2018. As with such a diet to supply the body with the necessary supply of nutrients and support it in tone? Useful snacks from Herbalife Nutrition will help to cope with a feeling of hunger and will fill up the energy reserve. Protein BarsFormula 1 Express for a long time will keep the feeling of satiety.

    4) Sugar free

    On the shelves of shops, we increasingly see products either with low sugar content, or without sugar at all – with the label “sugar free”. Sugar is easy to replace with natural ingredients with a high content of fructose. For example, from a syrup of dates, sorghum and a yakon, a sweet extract is extracted that contains fewer calories and is generally more useful for the body.

    5) Breakfast 24 hours

    We used to eat breakfast in the morning. However, in many places you can have breakfast now around the clock. Restaurateurs are sure that porridge, omelets and cottage cheese are good at any time of the day. However, experts do not recommend postponing the first meal until lunch. In the morning, a person needs to get 25% of the daily volume from the entire diet. To provide the body with a full range of macro- and micronutrients, breakfast fromHerbalifeNutrition. Two or three minutes – and it’s ready!

    6) HLS

    The sedentary image and sedentary work negatively affects digestion. This is the most common reason for weight gain. Since 2013, the number of Russians interested in sports and fitness has grown by 40%. Proper nutrition and active way of life in 2018 will become an integral companion of modern man.

    In order to effectively conduct training, quickly restore strength after playing sports, and also maintain normal digestion, you must add to the daily diet of foods rich in protein and fiber. Protein products Herbalife Nutrition Formula 3 and Evening Cocktail will help provide the body with the required amount of protein, and Oat-Apple Drink is a complex of dietary fibers important for the proper functioning of the digestive system.

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    Why is it easier for men to lose weight?

    Scientifically proven that it is easier for men to say goodbye to unwanted pounds than women. Even if you go to the gym together and adhere to a balanced diet, the successes of men lose weight will be more impressive. Where’s the justice? Why do the same methods work on a different gender principle? Let us examine these and other questions on the topic in detail in our article.

    1. The process of adjusting the weight in the male body really goes faster than in the female body .
      This depends, first of all, on the higher level of testosterone (its level in m

      Individuals are 5-7 times higher than women) and more muscle mass in men. Also, they have a much lower level of subcutaneous fat – this is the way nature is. That’s why, even with the same loads and consumed calories, men manage to lose weight easier and faster.

    2- Male organism spends more calories to supply energy to muscles and other organs due to the larger body structure. Even if a woman and a man of the same height, the volume of muscle mass is greater in him, and lipid tissue – in her. Due to the presence of sex hormones – estrogen, the accumulation of fats in the body of a woman is more active and prevents an easy weight loss.
    3- In the female body, many changes occur on a hormonal level monthly, which affects not only the unstable mood, but also the figure. For example, after giving birth, most actively gain weight, which then is very difficult to part with.
    4- Another reason why men are easier to lose weight, are culinary preferences . They in their gastronomic preferences are mostly uncomfortable, can live a month on boiled buckwheat and chicken meat. Women are more likely to pull on sweets: butter, chocolate, flour products – a favorite delicacy of the fair sex. Fast carbohydrates, stored in all necessary and unnecessary places – the destiny of ladies, and a strong sex prefers mostly proteins and slow carbohydrates, necessary for active living.

    5- Stress resistance, too, has a huge impact on excess weight . Women are more likely to experience emotional situations, most often by eating them with something from simple carbohydrates, like a piece of cake or chocolate bars. During the period of excitement, the body produces a hormone called cortisol, which retards water and promotes fat deposition. In the aggregate of these factors, the weight gain will quickly become apparent.

    But gender differences are not a reason to say that women can not easily lose weight. With the right motivation and competent approach, the desired results will not be long in coming. A balanced, healthy diet and systematic exercise are a pledge of a slender, well-proportioned figure. Let the process of weight reduction in the fair sex does not proceed as fast as the representatives of the strong, the main thing is not to hurt your health.

    First of all, it is recommended to revise the power supply system. Protein cocktail Formula 1 – is the basis of the program to reduce weight from Herbalife 1 . The drink contains an average of 209 kcal per serving, a balanced combination of essential nutrients (up to 50% of the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals) and provides satiety for several hours in advance.

    Cocktail Formula 1 contains a sufficient amount of protein, which helps maintain appetite under control. The drink is presented in 11 tastes – an ideal find for those who can not deny themselves delicacies, but cares about their appearance or seeks to lose weight.

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    Lose weight in the summer with health benefits

    With the first day of summer, the desire to bring yourself into an excellent shape appears almost everyone who suffers from excess weight, a person. If you are not among the lucky ones who can boast of a slender figure in any season, then this article is for you!

    Warm season – a hot season for sports clubs and sections, because by the summer the percentage of those who want to get into good shape increases, and to become a happy owner of relief muscles for envy of those who were too lazy to spend a couple of months preparing for the bathing season.

    The main thing is to get rid of excess weight with the mind and health benefits! Extra pounds and unwanted centimeters are an integral part of your body and when you decide to say goodbye to them overnight, your body will also promptly try to get them back.

    How then quickly and effectively lose weight? The answer to this question lies in our further recommendations.

    The first thing that comes to mind for those wishing to say goodbye to unwanted pounds is to adhere to debilitating diets, to torment your body with food restrictions or complete starvation.

    This method of weight loss is strongly recommended not to practice at least because the result of starvation will come to naught faster than you achieved it after returning to the usual diet. Therefore, the first rule for losing weight: say “no!” To diets. Instead of effective weight loss, with the possibility of maintaining the result of a diet for a long time, metabolic disorders and health problems are contributing. Diets are, first of all, the strongest stress for the body.

    The thorny path of getting rid of excess kilos should proceed gradually, while losing weight should not limit itself in the consumption of nutrients and vitamins.

    Nutrition should be balanced and close to the cherished goal without damage to health. Switch to a balanced diet: eat at least 5 times a day in small portions, snacks between meals should include only useful, low-calorie foods. Refuse from semi-finished products , fast food, confectionery and fried foods. Diversify the diet with fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, cereals, beans. Meat, fish and poultry are best cooked steamed or baked.

    Do not forget about an active lifestyle.

    Warm weather allows you to spend more time in nature: cycling, jogging or long walks will help burn a couple of hundred calories a day. Do morning exercises at least 15 minutes every day. Try to provide yourself with physical exertion every day.

    Sport and proper nutrition are the key to success in working on yourself and your body. With the right balanced diet and systematic training, you adjust the weight, and support the body’s protective functions. Before weight loss, start taking multivitamins and Omega-3 to normalize the fat metabolism and replenish the nutrient supply before adjusting the diet, for example, a new product from Herbalife – Herbalifexin Max *.

    The product contains polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 and vitamin E. One capsule per day will help to stay on the wave of active life. Due to the content of essential oils, it does not have an unpleasant aftertaste of fish oil. To order a product and get individual advice from a consultant on the healthy lifestyle of Herbalife, fill out the form .

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