7 effective exercises to improve the mobility of the hips, to “pump” squats and traction

7 exercises on the mobility of the thighs to improve the squats and lifts of the bar in the crossfit.

How to avoid pain and movement problems caused by insufficiently flexible hips?

If you spend a lot of time sitting, you may encounter a decrease in hip mobility. You probably do not even notice it, because you do not lack the flexibility of your hips. But if you have ever experienced back pain after a long day at work or difficulty squatting, then most likely you should take a little time to your hips.

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Our hips and muscles that surround them are the basis of most of our movements. Unfortunately, the habits of everyday life can make our thighs less and less functional. A sitting position for most of the day makes our thighs rigid and can lead to the fact that they become weak due to a permanent being in a sedentary position.

To avoid this and improve your mobility during sit-ups, check out these 7 exercises to improve the condition of your hips.

Check the mobility of your hips.

Actively bending and performing an external rotation of the hip, you can increase the mobility of the joint in a certain range of movements, which will be useful for performing deep squats.

Exercise for the leading hamstrings from Callie Starrett.

The video is available at:

This exercise is more difficult than it seems. Try it.

Hold cargo during goblet squats.

Cargo holding (for example, dumbbells or dumbbells ) during goblet squats is an example of an isometric load at the bottom of the squat, but it can be very effective in improving the flexibility of your hips

Hip rotation!

Avoid the pain and mobility problems caused by the tension of the hips.

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