6-fold Crossfit Games participant Marcus Philli talks about training, nutrition and recovery

6-fold Crossfit Games, training, nutrition and recovery

Every year the qualification for Reebok Crossfit Games is becoming more and more difficult. The number of athletes is growing, new talents appear, and physical abilities of athletes are developing with great difficulty. In the year of my debut as an athlete I learned a lot of new things, but most of my knowledge I got from the veterans of the Games, just a huge amount of new information.

One of the veterans is Marcus Philly, a 32-year-old six-time participant in the Games. He really knows a lot about all aspects of this sport. Marcus is one of those athletes who impress with their performances at competitions, grabbing you the prospects of crossfire in your life.

"GREAT EXPERIENCE, and a GREAT PRODUCT. Loving this skipping rope as a pre-MMA warm-up, and as part of a conditioning workout. Overall, 5/5 on all fronts." -Jonah P.

Recently I met with Marcus to talk about his recent performance at the Games (where he ranked highest in his 12th career), on the philosophy of training and nutrition. If you have ever thought about how top athletes manage to maintain a balance between a large amount of training and physical and psychological burnout, then Marcus’s thoughts and experience will certainly be useful to you.

1. How did you come to crossfire?

Marcus Philly:

In 2007, I was engaged with a few friends, training in a local gym called Gold’s Gym. There I was engaged in the usual program, which the gym offered. One girl from our group lived a few blocks from the then-former San Francisco Crossfit club. She gave me an invitation for one day of classes. There I met Kelly Starrett and got a very cool experience for the first workout. Soon after, I broke into the crossfit.

2. How many times have you participated in Crossfit Games?

Marcus Filli:

I took part in the Games six times. Three times in the team and three times as an independent participant.

3. What does the usual training day look like for you?

Marcus Philly:

Now I’m trying to share the morning and evening training. In the morning, I try to pay more attention to aerobic exercise and endurance training. As for the second half of the day, then, depending on the time of the year, I place more emphasis on strength training.

4. You recently laid out your workouts and they had a lot of so-called accessory work (additional exercises). They were much larger than we are used to seeing in all crossfitters. How does this affect overall physical training?

Marcus Filli:

It’s hard to say how this specifically affects my overall level of preparation, because I have not checked my results for a long time in crossfire. But I very much hope that I will be pleasantly surprised in the end.
What I am sure of is that this training regime allowed me to heal some injuries and bring the body into tone. Long seasons in the crossfeet were severely depleting my body, so by the end of the season I was simply no. It was especially tough in September. So the change in the training process allowed me to take heavy loads in the barbell exercises, to reveal my strengths and weaknesses. Now my squat is very powerful, the shoulder is completely cool. Not to mention that I look much better, look at my shoulders!

5. In 2016, you took the 12th place in the individual standings at Crossfit Games and this is your best result in the whole history of performances. What is the secret of your success in this tournament?

Marcus Philly:

I think it’s all thanks to my hard work in previous years. In 2013 I took the 37th place. In 2014 I went up to the 25th place. Then I missed the Games in 2015, and in 2016 I returned and immediately jumped as much as 12th place.
Many people do not fully realize that in 2015 I really made great progress. I grew up as an athlete and a person with new ways of training and understanding myself that I did not use before. I continue to do this and in 2016 – to grow above myself. I was lucky with my program, designed for 18 months, which led me to the Games.
Throughout the 5 days of the Games, I felt great. I was well aware at what point I can add, and in what a little slow down, to be in a constant tone. All previous years in crossflight helped me come to this.

6. Do you make training programs for other athletes? How do you generally feel about this?

Marcus Filli:

When I have free time and I do not spend it with family and friends – I train other athletes. All my classes are held exclusively online. I make programs, consult via the Internet. One course lasts about a month and during this time we constantly contact my clients via the Internet or SMS. They really make a huge leap forward.
As for my approach to such training, I will now tell you a couple of my rules:
At the head of everything I put the relationship with the ward. In order to get to know each other, you need time. After that, it is much easier for me to understand how I will work with this athlete. The longer you work with an athlete, the better you’ll learn its features. This is confirmed on my personal experience. We have been working with my coach for several years now and the results are on the go. I try to follow the same approach with my customers.
Also for me is very important system in training. My clients, who have the greatest success, have been systematically engaged for several years in a row. This is the whole secret. Not days, not weeks, not even months, but years! Everyone should understand that he has a long way ahead, which must be passed to become a really cool athlete. You will be surprised at how fast you beat your records when you start planning and doing systematically.

7. Tell us a little about your diet?

Marcus Philly:

Well, for example, what’s on my menu right now:
Immediately after awakening, I eat fruits, vegetables or a protein cocktail + coffee with cream + lots of vitamins and minerals
For breakfast – 4 eggs + 3 strips of bacon + 1 tbsp. spoon of butter
Morning training – whey protein + creatine The
second breakfast – oatmeal without gluten, but with berries
Daily exercise – isolate + beta alanine
Late lunch – white rice + minced meat + organic butter + fried green beans
Dinner – vegetable salad with greens / almonds / pepper / goat cheese / currant / sauce + sweet potato + chicken thighs
Late supper – chocolate flakes + whey protein + organic oil + almond oil + vitamin-mineral complex

8. Explain, please, your slogan “Honesty, dedication, perseverance”?

Marcus Philly:

– Honesty : What do you want? What do you need? What do you miss? Be honest with yourself and others around you. Do not hide your essence. In the past, I deceived myself and blamed others for my failures. Until I became honest with myself, I could not find a path that would lead me to success.

– Purposefulness: After you have become honest with yourself, you must give yourself a promise to achieve your goals. It’s a long and difficult road, but you have to give all your strength to achieve success. I do not take on things that I will not give 100%. Many guys came to work for me and were not ready for hard work, most of them left the race. I ask my clients to be ready for the long journey, and I demand it from myself. That’s where the magic happens.

– Perseverance:even when you are honest with yourself and go to your goals – not everything will go smoothly. Each of us is faced with setbacks and difficulties. Without them, I would not have become the person I am now. If I had folded before the first problems, I probably would have missed my life chance. Be persistent and try again and again, then you will definitely achieve success!

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