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5 drinks that help reduce hunger

Not everyone can control appetite. Often, the desire to eat another piece of something tasty appears after a dense dinner after half an hour.

Not everyone can control appetite. Often, the desire to eat another piece of something tasty appears after a dense dinner after half an hour.

The feeling of hunger especially during the cold season persists throughout the day, and it does not always suppress it.

To ensure that frequent snacks are not delayed by extra centimeters at the waist, for everyone who wants to say goodbye to unwanted pounds, we have prepared 5 recipes for drinks that will help reduce the feeling of hunger between basic meals. Keep yourself in shape without exhausting diets – not a myth, the main thing is to competently approach the issue.

1. Compote without adding sugar

To prepare the drink you will need any berries and fruits to taste: raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, apples, you can also use dried fruits or frozen foods.

Cook compote is recommended no longer than 10 minutes to preserve the vitamin and mineral composition of the ingredients. Preparing a drink without the addition of sugar, so this drink is stored in the refrigerator for no more than 3 days.

To give the drink a spicy note and enhance the taste, you can add cinnamon, cloves or other spices at will. Spices and condiments are low in calorie and do not harm the figure.

Such compote will cut off the appetite, saturate the body with vitamins, improve digestion and remove slag and uric acid from the body.

2. Drink with lemon and honey

When the appetite spreads on the sweet, sugar products, this drink will serve as the first aid in satisfying the body’s need for sweet.

In such a drink you can add cinnamon, cardamom, mint, rosemary or nutmeg. These spices accelerate metabolism and improve digestion and metabolism. A couple of slices of lemon, a teaspoon of honey and spices to taste mix with a glass of warm water (not boiling water), so that the ingredients do not lose their nutritional properties.

Also this drink is suitable as an aromatherapy – the smell of lemon, honey and spices raises the mood.

3. Sour-milk products


It is not necessary to prepare such a drink. It is enough to buy low-fat kefir or other low-calorie sour-milk product. Such products will help not to quench the feeling of hunger, but also to cleanse the body.

Dairy products, getting into the stomach, have the property to curtail, which will allow you to take your stomach and distract yourself from the desire to have a snack.

4. Protein cocktail Formula 1 Herbalife

Only 92 calories per serving when preparing a cocktail on water (or 217 kcal when cooking with 250 ml of skim milk). Protein cocktail Formula 1 is easy and quick to prepare and is presented in 9 tastes.

In the cocktail you can add 1 apple or half a banana, berries or flakes of oatmeal. Drink can be used as a useful snack or a full meal, such as breakfast or snack.

5. Ginger Drink

Drinks and ginger root products are a great success among those who want to lose weight. Ginger stimulates metabolic processes, accelerates metabolism and improves digestion.

To make a ginger drink, you need 3-5 cm of ginger root, add half a lemon or lemon zest and a sprig of mint to taste.

Ginger root grind on a grater, add lemon juice or zest, pour 500 ml of cold water and simmer for 10-15 minutes. Let it brew for 10 minutes, then strain.

Ginger drink can be drunk both independently and by adding to tea or diluting with water. Drinking a ginger drink half an hour before meals, you will reduce your appetite and you will need a smaller portion of the usual.

To satisfy the hunger without eating any crumbs is possible if you include in your daily diet one of five drinks that help control your appetite.

Easy to prepare recipes will solve the problem of overeating and will reduce the number of calories consumed per day.

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