4 projectiles, which significantly differentiate your workouts

Do not make your workouts a routine! Make a variety of activities with this available training equipment.

One of the three pillars of Crossfit is an element of variability, which makes possible a greater variety of training process and constant development. Despite this, many of us tend to fall prey to routine and monotony. Sometimes routine manifests itself in small things, such as, for example, the habit of using a certain grade of chalk. In other cases, falling into the trap of routine speaks of the need for new ideas and fantasies. Below you will find a list of four underused training tools for CrossFit, which can add variety to any workout.


Even at the very beginning of the acquaintance with CrossFit, you mastered exercises for the extensor muscles in the hip joints and exercises for stretching the muscles of the back. However, we are still observing the situation when a simulator for the development of the muscles of the hull in training programs around the world is used only to perform the sitap. Exercises to stretch the back muscles, extensor muscles in the hip joints, work on developing the loin muscles and the press are a real storehouse for improving the results. Do not be afraid to use them during warm-up, as extra exercises and during the hitching.

"GREAT EXPERIENCE, and a GREAT PRODUCT. Loving this skipping rope as a pre-MMA warm-up, and as part of a conditioning workout. Overall, 5/5 on all fronts." -Jonah P.


When it comes to the effectiveness of exercises, the sleigh is hard to beat. Simple walking with a sleigh is a trauma-safe exercise that develops strength and can lay a solid foundation for aerobic endurance.


Do not get hung up on the bar. Do take dumbbells on the chest, jerk, push, press the dumbbells and do it as often as possible. Neutral grip is easier for the shoulders, pairing the exercise requires more stability and poses more difficult tasks than with the equivalent weight of the bar. Add these exercises at least for a change.

Medical balls (medballs)

Medical balls are very often used for throws against a wall, which can become your “partner” for doing the exercise. Throw medball, do the move, show imagination! Most likely, there are not enough shots or movements in your training. Most of all I like to use lightweight medballs and do different throws at speed.

What more stuff like this?

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