4 exercises that will create an ideal press for you

4 exercises for the final formation of the press

Do you have some free time after class? These quick exercises for the final formation of the press will help you to form a strong and embossed belly.

You just finished classes in the hall and you have a few minutes before you need to leave. Take the time and do some exercises in the load to strengthen the area that can never be too strong – your press. Below you will find four exercises that should be performed at the end of the workout to strengthen the press :

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Three-minute test

If you are not a representative of the national gymnastics team, then, most likely, you will not pass this test – this is the essence. The task of the exercise is to hold the body in the hall-position for 3 minutes. When you need a pause, turn the case to the right or to the left. This will be your “rest”. So you can accumulate more time in the hall-position (goal), after turning the body to the right or left, move the body to the “Boat” position (or “Superman” position).

Knees and Throws

To perform this exercise you need a partner and a light medbol (2.5 – 4 kg). While you are sitting on the buttocks on the floor, your partner throws you a ball slightly above the level of the head. Having caught the ball, lie down on the floor, your back should be pressed to the floor, while your hands directly above your head hold the ball, and your legs are stretched. Immediately bend, so that the ball touches the knee – accelerate at the same time – go back to the open position (legs straight, and the ball is stretched over your head) and immediately touch the ball with another knee.

Complete the repetition with a strong throw back to your partner (without using your legs). You need to throw the ball hard enough so that you can freely move to the sitting position. Try three sets of 8 reps at maximum speed.

Exercises on a press with resistance

All you need is a partner, a bench and a PVC pipe. Lie down on your back, placing your shins on the bench. Your partner will sit on tibia, holding you in place. With straight hands holding the PVC tube, try to assume the sitting position, overcoming the counteraction of the partner, which brakes you over the PVC tube. Perform 8 repetitions. A resistance partner must ensure a 3 or 4 times force value at each repetition.

Immediately go to direct replays, complete 8 repetitions for the right side, and then 8 repetitions for the left side. Complete the exercise by doing 20 straight reps without a PVC tube and without resistance.

A series of medallion throws

For this exercise, you need a light medallion and a partner. Accept the position for the exercise “Russian twisting”, balancing on the coccyx, heels together, knees bent, with a strained press. Get the medalla thrown from the side, touch the floor on the opposite side and sharply throw the medall back to the partner. Perform 10 repetitions. Next, your partner goes into position facing you. Sitting with your feet firmly pressed to the floor, you get the ball over your head, go down to the floor, and then lift the case, throwing the medbol to the partner. After 10 repetitions, the server continues to move, moving 90 degrees further to the side, and you start the rolls again in the style of “Russian twisting”. This exercise should be performed at a fast pace. Perform 3 or 4 repetitions, alternating with your partner.

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